Misunderstanding - Zany comedy at the Jeff Goldberg Studio

Last weekend and the weekend before, audiences were treated to some brilliant farcical theatre, at the Jeff Goldberg Studio in Bandra. “Misunderstanding”, which is a production by this Method Acting Studio’s final year students, is an adaptation of Dario Fo’s play “A Virtuous Burglar”, and has been very capably directed by Ashok Pandey.
This laugh a minute comic play, keeps the audience entertained and laughing all through its entire duration. It really would be unfair to the audience to give out too many details, but suffice it to say that this screwball comedy is bound to keep its viewers glued to the show because of the entire cast’s terrific performances.


When a burglar breaks into an upmarket South Bombay apartment, he gets much more than the loot that he bargained for, when he is unexpectedly interrupted by the owner of the house and his mistress. When the owner’s wife arrives, the burglar is forced to pretend the mistress is his wife. A profusion of spouses and lovers appear and the burglar — apparently the only one not having an affair — is forced into pretending to have multiple wives. Then his own wife arrives! What follows is utter chaos that puts lives, marriages and jail time on the line for the unwitting characters sucked in to this farcical, screwball comedy.

IMG 20190615 WA0011Actors:

Tanvi Gauri Mehta is fantastic as Pinky, the Burglar’s Punjabi wife. The energy and oomph she brings to her role is really very entertaining . Samarpan Singh, as Bobby her husband and the burglar, is very convincing. In fact all the other actors, Simran Khan as the mistress Jennifer, Anshul Kashyap as Rohan Bajaj, the owner of the house, and Afshan Khan as his crazy wife, all do justice to their respective roles. A must see production when JGS has another showing of it, probably in July.