Mumbai Drum Circle: on World Music Day!!!

Mumbai Drum Circle: on World Music Day!!!

Bandra – The Name Says it all!

It is someone’s paradise or someone’s dream! Bandra holds a special place in the heart of every Mumbaikar and the ones who live far away too. Bandra serves as a cultural colour palette where you have the old world charm, from the sea to the churches to the new-age drinking holes… this place offers something for everyone!

And when we talk about people from all walks of life coming together for the love of Music – here comes the name Mumbai Drum Circle – which is synonymous with Bandra…

Mumbai Drum Circle? Who are we?

 Shhh… it’s no Secret!

A seed of Music, Creativity & Togetherness sown by Ms. Arti Sinha – Mumbai Drum Circle began its journey in the year 2011.

With a simple idea to build community by the virtue of music, to further create a happy atmosphere – away from the boring routines of life….

Mumbai Drum Circle – is a free to all initiative, where people from all the stratas of life come together to play music, and the music that they create are either out of regular musical instruments or even glass bottles, utensils, bells etc to add to the zest and bring about a beautiful fusion of sorts.

Today, Mumbai Drum Circle is recognized as an institution in itself, infact several bands or drumming groups have got their share of fame because of their past association with Mumbai Drum Circle. 

Our Motto is very simple: Come along & Play-along

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The Journey So Far: Over the past 5 year’s Mumbai Drum Circle has earned love & good wishes from all the participants and passersby, the Facebook group also continues to grow with almost 2500 members in the kitty so far.

When we asked Aarti Sinha about what made her take this unusual path, She Says…

My work as a Music Therapist is based on my faith in music as a universal healer. It has the ability to reach out to every individual, no matter the age, gender or background. The drum circle was a small initiative to give people the opportunity to experience the healing qualities of music and rhythm, with our primary goal being inclusion. Fortunately, the authorities at the Bandra Residents’ Association and also the members of Bandra Police were able to understand the significance of this social endeavor and raised no objection to us having the drum circle at the Carter Road promenade. From then on, the journey has only been smoother and more musical!



Krishna Kanakasabhapathy, a music enthusiast who is an active member of MDC Says… I’m based in New Bombay, in my mid 40’s and chanced upon Mumbai Drum Circle about a year ago via Facebook.  Am now a regular at their drum jams held mostly at Carter road promenade in Bandra.  It’s an eclectic crowd that joins up on Sunday evenings with a core set of old / experienced members who are welcoming of the newbies to drumming / the drum circle.  The sessions start off with a couple of hours of traditional drumming before transitioning to a closing session of Bollywood / filmy sing-alongs. Good fun, always… Mumbai Drum Circle just celebrated their fifth birthday, surely many more to come!

Karuna Bhatia an ardent  Kathak Dancer and a Psychologist  by profession says, Music always keeps me charged and MDC is the most  organic and soulful way of listening to music or jamming along, I carry my ghunghroos to add to the rhythm. I love the fact that its an open and happy atmosphere and away from the lifestyle of pub crawling. I was there when the first drum circle was conducted and I still continue to enjoy the rhythms.

Nishunk Jayant a new member shares a very interesting story of discovering MDC… 

It was a Sunday when i was at carters with some friends relishing a sandwich opposite to the amphitheater . Suddenly our feet started tapping with the beats audible from across the road.

TThat’s hats how I got introduced to the Mumbai Drum Circle. I am five drumming sessions old but yet feel like I have been a part of it for a very long time.

It’s all about being there, letting your hands hit the drums with the rhythm that flows and creating music.

Since then, Sunday has been the most awaited day of the week for me.

Sonal Mehta and Edward who come along with her family adds: No one in our family is a real musician but we love jamming with MDC. Drum circle is a great way for our family to spend time together. We can all participate however we feel like. Each of us, including our 4 year old, gets into the groove and enjoys the community experience. There’s something healing and primal about a bunch of people drumming together. It connects us with others and ourselves and leaves us energized.

Or son goes to a Waldorf school so at this young age we don’t take him to movies or have him watch television or play with gadgets. We want his own inner  imagination and creativity to blossom. So a drumming circle is exactly the kind of activity that we look for, and which is so hard to find in this day and age. It’s organic natural fun and encourages kids to use their bodies and engage their attention in a positive way.

Edward who is a Foreign National says that,

I lived in northern California for most of my life where drum circles are not uncommon. While I didn’t participate much in drum circles then, I now feel a special kind of nostalgic connection with my homeland when I’m drumming with MDC, to a degree that’s hard to come by living in India.

That’s the story of Mumbai Drum Circle, where people and rhythm meet.

Come Along Mumbai!

Mumbai Drum Circle is an open & free to all Live Music Jamming Initiative that gets conducted on Sunday’s in the Evening at carter Road Amphitheatre, Bandra West.

Please note that our events are mostly fortnightly and all the updates are available on our Facebook page. We also play drums for creating social awareness. Please join our Facebook page for updates on the next Jam.

You don’t need to own a musical instrument – we love claps as well… so come by and clap or play along any utensils or bottle and just discover the magic of making music in an open community.


Happy World Music Day & Lots of Love from #MumbaiDrumCircle