Mural Mural on the wall...

Mural Mural on the wall...

I have been living in Mumbai for almost 10 years now and it never fails to surprise me. This time a busy and very narrow lane in Bandra, the Chappel Road did it for me.


Just wandering about Bandra on fine morning, I came across this dilapidated wall with a Big B mural on it. Oh how good it was to see my superstar staring at me in the sun. I felt as if he was just waiting to say to me “ Haiin…tumhare pass kya hai?” I couldn’t help myself and got busy capturing Mr.B through my lens. A few locals saw me and guided me to more of these wall-y wonders. So began my hunt for these hidden treasures of Chappel Road, the murals.

pic 2 pic 3pic 4Every lane had a different story to tell… Madhubala had been brought back to life on that small space, the still from Anarkali felt so real, Mr B looked ready to throw me a punch, the creepy crawly creatures stared at me for invading their personal space and the men and women on the walls just waited to be noticed. I walked for hours, covering these streets again and again to see all of these hidden beauties And I loved them all…just the way they were… worn down by the rain and sun, but still holding their own.

pic 5 pic 7I enjoyed capturing all of them, but Big B and the Lady & the fish are my personal favorites. I am happy to share my clicks of these murals with you all. I must say these lanes are fodder to the eyes of those hungry for some out of the ordinary art. So if you haven’t already been there, grab your bag and just go… See the Beauty!