BHVjXniCAAEDlxB.jpg-largeI was walking along hill road yesterday and decided to buy stuff at American Bakery , outside was a short woman being interviewed by marathi channel TV channel Tv9.

Anita Lobo is a sweet and level headed lady, no one knows what got Industries Minister Narayan Rane’s son Nilesh Rane goat, he shouldnt have any reason to be provoked by this sweet lady who is authorised Bandra-Khar traffic warden and seems to know her responsibilities well.

I didn’t catch much of the interview, but heard her telling the camera that

Nilesh told her that

[quote]Iam letting you go, just because you are a woman. [/quote]

I did ask her for a interview she politely refused saying she has been harrowed and hounded all day and she is harried since the news broke of her being sacked. Anita Lobo is turning out to be quite a hero, an extraordinarily common person who has the courage to take on the high and mighty.

Full story on what transpired by midday here

[box]Good news is her suspension order has been revoked[/box]