Sharing my experience with the gynecologist in Bandra

Sharing my experience with the gynecologist in Bandra

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a couple's lives. One witnesses God's wonder for real in the form of the growing belly bump and a peak into the beautiful sonographies. The budding excitement to meet the new family member is unmatched. It is also a great time to prepare oneself for parenting. Here's introducing all the readers to one of the best gynecologist in Bandra.

Advise for trying partners

Get relevant tests done at diagnostic centers in consultation with your gynecologist. Be sure to address any underlying issue before you take on the responsibility of a pregnancy.

Mr. Nozer Sheriar is among the best in the business for prenatal care. He understands that each pregnancy is different. And his sincere compassion and non-judgmental approach, makes it easier for couples to confide in him.

The best part of my pregnancy was my indulgence in food. Eating without guilt, eating a variety of foods and in huge portions on the pretext of 'eating for two' which is actually a myth. We need only 300 extra calories in pregnancy and our developing baby does not need a full meal, unlike us!

Yet who cares! As the growing bump and the fat belly merge to protect us for 9 full months. My personal tip is to gauge a doctor's success by the queue at his clinic. Check online reviews and go purely by word of mouth and successful term deliveries.

Here's the generic treatment plan suggested for increasing our chances to conceive and carry on with a healthy pregnancy

  • Prenatal vitamins to increase immunity at least 1 month before conception.
  • A good diet, eliminating junk food, alcohol and caffeine for at least 6 months before conception
  • A routine CBC, Thyroid, Urine and Antibody tests
  • A routine scan to gauge the health of the reproductive organs
  • Addressing any existing health concerns and checking upon the emotional well being of a couple

Patient History and Custom Plan

My gynecologist in Bandra maintains a patient card to record every minute detail of individual lifestyle, profession, age, duration of marriage, physical statistics, blood pressure range, tracking any existing symptoms along with the advised treatment plan with regular inputs of diagnostic tests coinciding with the week of the pregnancy.

Mr. Nozer is known to break the ice with his wit and warmth towards his patients. He eases the process by simplifying the scientific explanation in lay man's term. He is known to close any open loops and brilliant in case of complicated and risky pregnancies like mine. His calm demeanor in tough cases hugely influences the patient to reciprocate the same.

Advise given during my recent term

In the wake of a past preterm labor, my gynecologist in Bandra advised complete bed rest from the second trimester until 32/ 33 weeks of pregnancy. He even performed a cervical stitch to tightly knit the mouth of the uterus. I was protected against contracting urine infections and remained in an elevated bed position to prevent any gravitational pressure on the cervix.

Here's what I enjoyed the most staying pregnant

  • Working from home
  • Eating frequent meals
  • Excitement to visit gynecologist which increased every passing week
  • Sonographies which gave an idea of baby's facial features and key developments

I remember seeing my baby in the womb during the 3D scan when she stuck her tongue out to drink the amniotic fluid, her nutrition source. It felt like bliss. She even allowed me a glimpse of her cute face for exactly 60 seconds. These moments build up more excitement for the D-Day

Labor Day

I remember being a bit irritable and tired on the day I went into labor. My water broke and I sensed it at the right time. The support team asked me to come and have it checked. Turns out I was in labor and sent to the hospital right away. I excitedly told other patients checked on my health status inquisitively.

Presently my days and nights are primarily with her and I would not have it any other way.

General Advise on fast conception

Let go off any stress, get rid of overthinking and anxiety. Practice patience and gratitude. Consider each week as a milestone, even the fact that the menstrual cycle showed up. Eat good quality home food and rely on the advise of a good medical practitioner.

Contact Information of my gynecologist in Bandra

100, Ground Floor, Bul Bul Tarang, 14 Road, Opp. TBZ Jewellers, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

Phone – 022 2600 8740

Sharing my experience with the gynecologist in Bandra
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