My Fishing Lessons 101 at Carters by Eddie.

My Fishing Lessons 101 at Carters by Eddie.

Yesterday night I was sitting on the bench at Carters Road promenade, and I saw this old man, I thought he must be in his 50, and he has this big shiny fishing rod, and I was wondering what the old man must be doing in such pitch darkness?

I was sure; he was getting only dirty plastic bags on his hook. But I decided to walk down to him and start a conversation and probably learn a few basic fishing 101 lessons.

I approached the man and rather tentatively asked him if he has any success today. He replied, “I just came.” Eddie was rather friendly and immediately accepted me as his assistant and was making me feel part of the fishing experience, by making me hold the line sometimes, while he could untangle the lines.

Eddie is a retired rigger, and now whenever he gets bored, he fishes, because of heat, during this season, he preferred to fish during the late evenings. He said his friends had caught some big red snappers. He stayed at Rajan and been a Bandra boy since birth.

Eddie says he bought the fishing gear when he was in Oman, and he cleans them thoroughly with plain water. Otherwise, the seawater will corrode them in no time.

So while I was holding the portable torch, while Eddie was artfully putting a couple of shrimps on the hook, I still was wondering what kind of fish would survive in these dirty waters, it was a high tide and water was everywhere.

Finally, Eddie had the bait all hooked up, and he said once that hope the hook doesn’t strike someone because it is so sharp that it can cut fingers off.

Eddie flung the line deep in the shore it went about 20/25 feet away from us, we sat there, waiting and chatting and suddenly the line was pulled from the reel. There was nothing left on the reel; a big fish pulled the entire line.

Eddie said this was the first such experience he had; he had never experienced, such a thing. I was a bit perplexed, still not able to believe that there are fishes in the dirty water,

The idea of a Big enough fish to pull the entire line of the fishing rod and disappear still seems far fetched, but if I were not a witness, it would have been hard to believe.