My House Hunting Experiences in Bandra

My House Hunting Experiences in Bandra

I had no intention of coming to Bandra, but I had to sell my house in Powai and was now looking for a rented apartment. I was living in Hiranandani Powai and over the years had made some good friends who I could hang out. What I never realised that my inexperience of never renting an apartment would change my plans.
I started looking for a 1 BHK in Powai. I finally liked a house and agreed to freeze the deal at 21000/pm. A few days later the broker informs me the society is not ready to rent to a single man. I was indignant about such norms. How could they refuse me??

After coming to terms with my fate and facing a few more rejection because of my single/divorcee status. I thought Bandra would be more open minded. I was right, Bandra had no such qualms.

Below are some of my Bandra House Hunting Experiences.

First Experience 16th Road- Dilapidated Buildings

In Bandra I faced a different problem. The houses shown to me were too small, the buildings were in dilapidating conditions. One of the broker actually showed me a house which looked a little bigger than a watchman’s cabin. There were no windows. There was an attached toilet. The room was a little bigger than than the toilet of my own house.

Second Experience – 21st Road – You might get beaten up inside your house.

We moved to another deal. Here the broker was fidgety because the house had some dispute on ownership. He took me to meet the lady who was one of the owners. The lady in a chawl/slum told me I can have the house but she is worried, that someone would break in the house and beat me up. When I asked why would someone do that, her sons told me their mom is always paranoid like this. My gut instinct told me I should back out.

Third Experience – Behind St. Andrews – Window opens to a wall.

Through some new broker free site, I located a property near St. Andrews Church. The family stayed below and the apartment was above. It was the most weird of the houses. The attractive daughter of the owner showed me the house. She said, they don’t even want a deposit. I could pay the rent in advance. I was very tempted to settle in, but there was one window, which opened to a wall. It was too claustrophobic and I backed out again.

Conclusion – Need for Better affordable Housing in Bandra

Bandra lacks good housing. The states idea of providing good housing is to create pent house for the Ultra Rich. There seems to be no plan to make sure the middle and the creative class can afford Bandra. There is no incentive to the builder to create such housing. As the middle class moves farther away, the commuting time increases. There are a host of other disadvantages on gentrification.

What are your thoughts? Can we have decent housing in Bandra for the creative class?