RadhikaMukherji_2016-Feb-25I met Helmet-girl Bandra and was very impressed by her vigor and sincerity towards the betterment of Bandra. She has chosen a unique way to get her message across to the people. She wants to be the voice of the people, and she has plans for the same, but let us get to know more about her.

Lisa has been in Bandra for the last 18 years, she is a former celebrity makeup artists and a doting mother of two, her husband is a Bollywood producer and a scriptwriter. Although her son thinks her new avatar is cool, her daughter is a bit shy about the all the extra attention she has been receiving.

Lisa has been a biker girl since the age of 13; she has four bikes, in all capacity, a 400, an 800 and 1400cc Suzuki.

The idea of Helmet-girl began quite surreptitiously; She used to post anecdotes of her life in Bandra or about her travels in Goa on Facebook. Her friends coaxed her to be more pro-active on social media, at the same time, she was having run in with the cops for not having a proper ISI marked Helmets. She started looking for trendy helmets online and ended up posting pictures of herself on social media wearing helmets while in a beauty salon or at a social gathering. Her, friends were amused, and she gathered that wearing a helmet at unexpected places could send an important safety message to other bikers, in a light-hearted way and that she could do the same with other important civic and social causes.

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She plans to do a safety drive with helmets; she is keen on tying with the Mojo helmet brand of Mahindra to be a sponsor for the helmets. Being a former celebrity makeup artists, she has old connections with Bandra-based celebrities who she hopes to rope in for her events. She also wants to open the roads for the cyclists. She wants to do something about the incessant spitting on Mumbai Roads and feels peeved about men scratching their bollocks in public.

So this is the story about Helmet-girl, She is a welcome change to the long faced serious activists who scare the hell out of us. We wish her well in all her funny and socially relevant causes.

What do you think of Helmet-girl, have you seen her? Have you met her? Get in touch with her here on her website at helmetgirlbandra.com

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