My review of NY style chicken and rice from Cairo Grill.

Too lazy to cook my lunch today, I decided to order NY Style chicken and rice from Cairo Grill. Having never been to NY I was curious to know what New Yorkers eat. In spite of having read a couple of reviews which claimed the this was not so authentic NY style chicken and rice, I decided that i should atleast risk it for once.

My order arrived after more than 45 mins, the delivery guy explaining that one guy hasn't turned up. Getting to the dish, it looked kind of ok, but the presentation was not that bad too. I dug in earnestly as it was already late. A few bites and I was pleased at the generous amount to grilled chicken boneless peices, but gradually the meal was just not ending, after finishing about 30% of the dish, I was wondering should I put in the refrigerator for the evening meal, I was now totally bored with the meal, and was playing around and just digging the chicken peices which we plenty.

The rice underneath the labneh (I guess) dressing is red in color. The rice was insipid and lacked inspiration. I added the extra labneh and sauces sent to me, but still the dish was not going down my throat, finally midway I abandoned the dish and it went straight to the dustbin.

Please note, the writer has weak digestive system and is a small eater. If you need something really filling and you are big eater, this is the dish for you. I bet it is sufficient for one.

Cairo grill launched with lot of buzz on social media and eventually the buzz seems to have died down, how long do they survive in a competitive and discerning Bandra suburb is something to watch out.