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My review of the Rs 150 Hyderabadi Biryani from Simmering Pots

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The first time, I lost my way near Bandra police station, I stumbled into this kitchen called simmering pots. I apprehensively approached the place, as I saw a lady cooking inside, I thought this was some private kitchen and the lady was just cooking food for a family. The kitchen was huge, unlike the kitchens we see in Bandra, which are minimized to such an extent that they can fit in a staircase or a pavement.

One of the reasons the kitchen is so huge is I figure; everything is cooked here right from start to finish. The menu is comprehensive with a huge selection, which makes it a bit confusing. But Life is easier because of a dish called Biryani.

I went there yesterday and asked for a Biryani; I was told I have two options the Hyderabadi one (less masala) or the Khoja one ( more masala). I wanted the Khoja one but was not ready for the more masala dinner. The order arrived at my house in about 30/40 mins. It was steaming hot Biryani, and it had some awesome flavors, and it felt home made. The chicken pieces were done perfectly. The best part of this deal is the price tag of just Rs 150/-. This is the most refreshing part where older establishments like Khane Khas and all have become a tad too expensive.

They also send me a complimentary piece of cake as they have completed six months in Business.


Simmering Pots – Ground Floor, Laxmi Aangan bldg., Opp. Cozy Mutton shop, Chimbai Road, Bandra (W

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