My visit to newly opened Bombay Art Society.

My visit to newly opened Bombay Art Society.

I have been waiting for the opening of Bombay Art Society at Reclamation for a long time; so when our honorable Prime Minister inaugurated the Bombay Art Society it only increased my expectations about the place. The building which many find ugly is imposing. I think the building is quite beautiful though it seems to be a POV of a Sobo-ite on how architecture in Bandra should be.

Check the article in Hindustan Times on the current art on display.

ladyOnce you enter the gallery, you are greeted by the bronze statue of the  by Late Rao Bahadur GK Mhatre “To the temple.” Which was earlier I am told housed at J.J. School of Arts building, maybe the lady is on a temporary visit and just exhibiting here. 

soveniorsOn the ground floor, there is the first gallery, and there is small curio shop selling you souvenirs like T-shirts and mugs. 

On the first floor, we have two galleries and the reference library and on the 2nd floor, there is a small canteen, which is looking for some contractor to run the same and an auditorium which can seat about 75 people I guess. 

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The Bombay Art Gallery Building at Reclamation seems to be a labour of love and tremendous effort is being taken to run it and curate the best in Art there. Drishti construction had developed the building and as part of an agreement, the backside of the building is owned by the developer. In future, some high-end restaurants might come up there.

Finally, I am so happy that I can satiate my desire for Art in Bandra itself and spend a couple of quiet hours browsing the galleries and don’t have to travel to Kalaghoda or restrict myself to some hipster art. 

If you have visited the new Bombay Art Gallery, do let me know about your views in the comments below. 

The auditorium