Nargiz Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust

Nargiz Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust

nargiz logoThe Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust (NDMCT) was founded by the (Late) Padmashri Sunil Dutt in memory of his wife (Late) Padmashri Smt. Nargis Dutt, with a prime objective of funding and helping patients suffering from cancer for whom good and timely medical treatment was a distant dream. NDMCT apart from alleviating the immense sufferings of cancer patients, it also assists families and other near and dear ones with help and support.

NDMCT has diversified in various fields like Health Care, Education and Sports and to bring about awareness of Platelets and Cancer Care.  The Foundation has opened Chapters in many countries.  Funds are raised through fund raising drives.  And over 3 million dollars were raised through such drives.  The proceeds were used to buy life saving diagnostic medical equipment, medicines, transfer of technology and various other equipments to upgrade hospitals in rural areas in India for the benefit of poor cancer patients.

A brief note on NDMCT is enclosed for your information.

NDMCT has now diversified in the field of education, wherein vocational training (like computer courses, adult literacy classes) and sponsorship fees of the students who are eager to study and learn are provided. It has been providing vocational training programmes in Computer courses for the weaker section of the society.  Adult Literacy Classes at St. Theresa’ School Bandra West are conducted free of charge for domestic maids who were mostly Hindi speaking.  It is one of the visions of NDMCT to empower hapless women to secure better employment through this programme.  Also, many poor students were sponsored by way of semester fees and school fees.

NDMCT has donated to many Schools, (Government Aided Girls School) a complete Computer Lab with latest configuration and high speed along with the Projector.

NDMCT has sponsored various sports and sports activities like Hockey, Football and sponsored Ms. Kalpana Sawant, weight lifter who stood 1st in the Asian games and participated in Common Wealth Games.

In the area of health- care NDMCT arranges medical camps and provides medical aid to the poor and needy. For the victims of Bihar Flood (in 2008) NDMCT organized a month long medical camp which treated nearly 30,000 families. A fund raising event “Rock – On” was organized for this purpose

In the area of health- care NDMCT arranges medical camps and provides medical aid to the poor and needy. For the victims of Bihar Flood (in 2008) NDMCT organized a month long medical camp which treated nearly 30,000 families. A fund raising event “Rock –On” was organized for this purpose.

nargiz 1NDMCT’s recent activity has been the “Platelet Donation Drive “at Tata Memorial Hospital. Camps were organized in 4 colleges where doctors from Tata Memorial Hospital gave a presentation on details of platelet donation to the students. Blood samples are then collected and the students are called to the hospital on a need base. This camp has considerably helped the poor patients who are in dire need of platelets due to side effects of chemotherapy.

Under the aegis of NDMCT, a special programme was sponsored in association with an NGO “Future Lies in our Youth”.  This programme was organised during spate of suicides by students in the city of Mumbai.  This programme was primarily organized to bring about awareness among students and parents to curb suicides.  Also, seminars on prevention of suicides by students were organized for all BMC school teachers of H-West and H-East Ward, Bandra.  A petition was drafted and signed by eminent personalities the need to change our education system to reduce stress level among students.

After the spate of suicides “Lean on Me” a programme was organized in Bandra for school and college students.  NDMCT in association with Stress Management Group organized to bring Awareness among students and parents in Mumbai

The spate of suicides across the city caused great concern both to the parents and the society at large. Mrs. Priya Dutt along with the support of “India Academy of Pediatrics”, “New Horizon Child Development Centre” and “FLY – Future Lies in our Youth” organized an event for the students and the parents to bring about an awareness through seminars / workshops.

NDMCT in association with Radio Mirchi and TMH started the Baarish Gennie Campaign to spread awareness and to educate the people of Mumbai to dispel various myths about cancer. There are many poor children undergoing various treatments at the TMH who end up living on footpaths outside the Hospital.  One of the immediate requirements for these children is rain gear that is umbrellas, rain coats or rain shoes and health supplements like Horlicks, Complan, Bournvita etc.

Throughout the Radio campaign, RJs were requesting the listeners to donate generously and deposit the items at Mc Donald’s outlets.  Mc Donalds very kindly offered us to use their outlets as collection centers for the contributions via Collection Boxes.

NDMCT organized a dance show with Boogie Woogie of Sony TV.  To bring fun and frolic in the lives of cancer affected patients.  The children practiced for the show with the assistance of a choreographer.   The children enjoyed to perform to live audiences.

NDMCT has sponsored and organized several mega medical camps in association with Lions Club and BMC etc. at various centers for the poor and the marginalized people of our society.

Our Elders are our treasure and the backbone of our society.  Presently, India has second largest population of Senior Citizens in the globe.  Sensing a need to protect and uplift the spirit of our senior citizens, NDMCT launched 1098 Senior Citizen Helpline in association with Ms. Sweta Mangal, CEO of Dial 1298 for Ambulance Service.  This helpline is directed towards making our world elder friendly. It gives necessary guidance, information regarding Senior Citizen related issues like medical and legal.



If you’ve donated blood before, you know that you’ve made a tremendous difference for the hospital patients who received your blood. You can take that feeling one step further by donating platelets. Many hospital patients need platelets to survive. By donating platelets, you provide an invaluable gift of life. In order to donate platelets you will first have to undergo a blood-check up at Tata Memorial Hospital which checks for their hemoglobin level in their blood. Ideally the hemoglobin level should be more than 12(units.).  This report will be available within 24hrs. After they are eligible for the donation they need to donate platelets within 5 days of the report or else the report will be invalid. Platelet donation is a two hour process after which the donors will receive some refreshments.


Most patients undergoing a bone marrow transplant, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatment or organ transplant need donated platelets in order to survive. A platelet recipient could be a family member, friend, neighbor, acquaintance or stranger. Your donation can save a life.

The trust has been claiming income tax exemption u/s.11 and 12 of the Income Tax Act till date


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