Neeshkarsh Counseling

Neeshkarsh Counseling

neeshkarsh logoLife is a journey and sometimes we need support to face the challenges we meet along the way. Neeshkarsh Counseling can help you to gain the insights and develop the skills you need to move on.

In counseling or therapy, our areas of expertise are mood difficulties, anxiety, depression, issues with self-esteem, anger and adjustments etc. We provide Individual therapy, Pre-Marriage Counseling, Fear counseling, Social Counseling, Personnel Relation Counseling, Love Counseling, Depression Counseling, Stress Counseling Parent-Child Counseling, Emotional Counseling, helplines for suicide counseling etc.

Our role as a counselor is to help our clients resolve problems, to clarify issues and obstacles, and discover better ways to navigate life’s challenges.

THE COUNSELLING INSTITUTE is the country’s largest provider of counselling support. Our suite of services includes personalized one-on-one counselling sessions for individuals and families, couples, children teenagers

The name you can trust upon is “NEESHKARSH” a leading and fast growing certified registered organization established in 2005 with a mission to provide counselling to those who are facing mental blocks and confusion towards the selection of the right path in their future.

At THE COUNSELLING INSTITUTE, we help you understand yourself in the right context, so you can develop meaningful life.

Founder of ‘NEESHKARSH’: With the assets of a dynamic personality and analytic mind, Mr. Harshad Murlidhar Joshi raised an exclusive strategic support therapy popularly known as NEESHKARSH for providing complete solutions to its vast clientele.

[quote]We believe that problems are a part of life. It is not the presence of problems that determines our health and well-being, but what we do when we encounter them. Our mission is to help our clients find solutions that will lead to personal happiness and the ability to maintain healthy relationships in their lives [/quote] – HARSHAD MURLIDHAR JOSHI”.





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