MUMBAI: A visual feast of new murals marks the glorious comeback of street art to the famous but now monsoon-damaged walls of Nagrana Lane and Waroda Road in Bandra West. The artwork adorns a three-storey cottage housing the headquarters of HaikuJAM – a mobile app and events platform where people write short poems together. Created by Pune-based collective Bade Moochwale, the murals instantly transformed the space into a local landmark and a definite must-see for anyone who wants to add a bit of beauty to their day.

Abhinav Kafare, founder of Bade Moochwale, conceptualised the murals as a “visual journey of the heart”. The walls are dotted with three-line poems in English and Hindi, each written by three different people in the HaikuJAM app. Human stupidity / is infinite, so is / human potential reads one; लो फर एक बार हम / नयी शु आत कर । खामोशी तोड , / दल के तार, फर जोड reads another. The poems served as inspiration for the dreamy characters and scenarios surrounding them, together creating an imaginary world of ochre and reds.
Much like the poems, each scenario is a fusion of natural and artificial forms. A mustacheod samosa-king is enjoying media attention next to the words Samosa is the king / chai is the crown / chutney is the throne ; a tiny boat is finding its way below Drowning in / the ocean of / alternatives ; eye-clouds floating above a town are playfully hidden by an AC unit as The most wonderful / particles are found / only by curious eyes . Though there is no specific starting point for viewing the work as a whole, every element leads to a giant heart nestled in the corner niche of the cottage.

“We wanted our office to inspire people to pause for a few moments, let their eyes wander, make connections and discover new meaning, each time they pass by”, said HaikuJAM co-founder and CEO, Dhrupad Karwa. “For HaikuJAM, poetry is a way of life and the Bade Moochwale team have portrayed this perfectly”, he added.

The HaikuJAM murals are located on the corner of Nagrana Lane and Waroda Road, opposite Birdsong Organic Cafe. Anyone coming from Hill Road should look out for a mural of three huge red and ochre arrows to point you in the right direction. The street art in the area is constantly evolving but currently includes works by Harshvardhan Kaadam of the Inkbrush n Me collective, #StreetKulture, Devarshi Gohil and Arjun Paul aka Pauly, and many other artists. More gems will be added to Mumbai’s booming street art scene between now and December by the second edition of the St+art Mumbai festival.

You can join the HaikuJAM community by downloading the app here . Follow @haikujam on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook #haikujamcottage

About HaikuJAM

HaikuJAM is a mobile app and events platform where people write short poems together. Inspired by the depth and brevity of a Japanese poetic form called “haiku”, the HaikuJAM way is simple: start a thought and let it be continued by people around the world. This results in a ‘jam’ or a three-line poem written by three different people. With HaikuJAM, community and meaningful expression become part of daily life.

According to Forbes, HaikuJAM “is the product you didn’t know had been missing from your life.” It was named in the “50 Best Creative Apps” globally by The Guardian, and The New York Times chose HaikuJAM as one of top three apps to “jump-start creative thinking and spark new ideas”. HaikuJAM is led by a young, international and deeply inspired team that recently relocated from London to Mumbai. HaikuJAM’s mission is to make poetry a way of life, that is to turn the day-to-day into a thoughtful, beautiful and shared experience for anyone in the world.