This week we did a lot of changes to our website. We moved from Wordpress to Ghost CMS. This new design is inspiring me to write and work on the content for Now that the backend is in place, I am looking to streamline the frontend processes like creating useful content i.e more signal and less noise. Our subscribers have to sift to enormous noisy twitter feed to get any value. For this we would need your help. If you could subscribe and become a paid member for Rs 100/month this would help us improve our value proposition.

Our Value Proposition is

Enabling hyperlocal discoveries.

What I Wrote this week!  

Why Elco Pani Puri is not the Best

Many Non-Bandraites visit places which are well over their prime for eg Elco Pani Puri. They might have been good in the '80s but now they are many more places which the visitors need to be acquainted with. Read more.

Business Opportunity For Professional Writers with

Trading time for money is not the best way to make money. You growth is linear. What you would like to do is acquire an asset which will generate an income for you. I am a one man founder, and am looking at professional writers to join in with me. My promise is to make you a business owner and compounding revenue every year. For more details you can schedule a call with me here  

A Monthly Social Media Calendar for your Bland (Bland = Brand with no advertising Budget)

Brands have advertising budgets so they are brands. With no advertising budgets, you are bland but you can still sell enough. Social Media is free, feed your social media with your marketing campaigns and see sales growing.

If you need a someone to create attractive design's for you. Check this out.

Up-skilling Adults

I wished I had some mentor in journalism or writing. I have spent last five years looking for some mentors in writing and journalism, but I haven't had much luck. I am a mechanical engineer by qualification.

Up-skilling and learning faster to be relevant in your profession is rather important. Let me know if you can mentor it give career advice. I am looking at professional's from various fields who can advise/mentor potential prospects.

Pay Whatever You Want to promote your home business.

Times are tough if you or your spouse has lost a job and have started a home-based business than you need all the support of family and friends to make that small business of you to generate some cash. Read more.

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