Nisha Merchant Design House

Nisha Merchant Design House

The bridal specialist Nisha Merchant Design House was founded and its Bandra West, Mumbai signature store inaugurated in October 1999 by Nisha Merchant. The design house has since diversified into several arenas offashion through the formal ethnic, semi-formal and specialist trousseau garments with its Nisha Merchant line, and most recently into exclusive and luxury crossover jewelry made from semi-precious stones, throughthe Nishita Merchant Accessories line.

nisha1Nisha Merchant:

Having been in the bridal fashion industry for 12 years now, Nisha Merchant continues to work with brides across the spectrum, from the more traditional brides who prefer their paanetars and ghararas to the more contemporary ones who prefer their tailor made stitched and paneled saris, corset cholis teamed with ghaghras with up to 20 panels depending on the silhoutte desired.

With encouragement from her brides of the last decade or so, from sizes zero to plus, Nisha Merchant is now adding silhouette enhancement as an exclusive service for her clients, wherein special attention is paid to focus on the right color combinations, the right cuts, patterns and contour for the client and recommendations are accordingly made.

To this, add the magnificence of pure fabrics, articulate workmanship of highly skilled professionals, high quality embellishments and unique styling, to arrive at a truly flattering and truly luxury Indian ensemble.

[quote]I am always trying to up my work and improve the final silhouette with the use of tools like corset cholis, paneled and stitched saris and panel-assembled ghaghras, which help all my clients, regardless of dress size. In fact, a major part of my services include to help my clients achieve the shape that suits them most, based on their current physical profile by recommending the right colors, combinations, fabrics, cuts, patterns and styles to help them obtain an hourglass contour that is so darling to Indian ethnic wear[/quote] adds Nisha.

nisha2Nishita Merchant:

Having worked closely with her mother, founder and promoter of the 12-year old trousseau specialist Nisha Merchant Design House (NMDH), Nishita Merchant completed her formal education at the London School of Economics before returning to her roots in fashion. After recognizing a gap in the market for crossover jewelry, which was high fashion in the truest sense of the term, Nishita was motivated to create a line, which seamlessly contributed to the Nisha Merchant Design House while maintaining its own distinctiveness and character.

The intention is to illustrate a perfect union of jewelry elements from different parts of India and the world, and while these elements have all been used in their traditional context for centuries they have seldom been paired with their counterparts across the globe. The outcome – sophisticated, bold and unique necklaces that make a statement and a perfect addition to any high-fashion wardrobe.

[quote]The inspiration came from my experience living in England during my studies, when all my international friends appreciated the fashion and class quotient of traditional Indian art and encouraged me to challenge the perception that ancient art forms like kundan, minakari and jadau have to restrict us to an Indian ensemble[/quote]expresses Nishita.


Nisha Merchant

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