The story of the house

Joe’s grand father Braz Rodrigues built the palatial house at 43, Hill Road. Braz his children even his grandchildren were fluent in Portuguese and were very westernised.

Braz married twice and inherited property of his first wife and got Rs 300 ( a tidy sum) dowry in his second marriage to Lydia. He had several businesses like aerated water plant and owned several properties.

What pushed Brenda to write this book.

She has written a book called “My journey through wonderland”.

Fredrick Narohna (from Goa) has been Pushing Brenda to write this book. She stared in 1992. She never thought it would see the light of the day. There a lot of big names involved so she was hesitating to publish.

The publisher encouraged to put in real names. Brenda says it was massive work as all papers were to be organised as proof to prevent any litigations.

Note – some names had to changed like the main antagonist. 

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