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People are affected by your appearance whether or not they realize it, and whether or not they think appearance is important.”

You probably know from personal experience how much more respect you receive from store clerks when you are well dressed.

If you haven’t yet experienced this, try an experiment. Go shopping at a designer boutique dressed in casual home clothes then visit the same boutique looking well groomed and wearing your best outfit. Observe how you are, treated by the staff, as well as anyone else you encounter, in both situations.

Appearance and image has an impact on our professional lives as well. Well dressed and groomed people are perceived as authoritative, trustworthy, intelligent, successful and suitable for hire or promotion.

Corporate Training:

We conduct training programs for the corporate hierarchy ranging from Directors and managers to peons and drivers.

Our module for CEOs, Managers, etc. includes:

* grooming (with make-up for women)

* power dressing, formal, informal dressing, accessories

* interpersonal / communication skills

* presentation skills

* leadership, motivation , team building

* office , social, dining etiquette.

Our module for drivers includes:

* personal hygiene and grooming

* politeness

* good manners

* communication skills

* customer service

* car maintenance

* first- aid

Our module for peons and office boys includes:

* personal hygiene and grooming

* keeping office premises in order

* serving customers (food / beverages)

* politeness

* good manners

* interpersonal skills

* accountability

We also make modules for companies as per their requirements. Total makeovers are available at our premises for individuals and groups.

Guidelines are provided to people travelling abroad with regard to culture, wardrobe planning, etiquette,time management.



For schools and colleges , our training module includes:

* confidence building

* personal hygiene and grooming

* dressing appropriately

* dealing with peer pressure and authority

* coping with failure

* communication skills

* presentation skills

* interview technique training

Brides and Grooms to be

We help them with :

* wardrobe planning and shopping

* grooming, skin ,hair, body care, make up

* colours and styles,accessories

* social graces ,dining etiquette

* interpersonal / communication skills

* adjusting in a new environment and with new people

Homemakers / Housewives

Our module includes :

* home management

* grooming and dressing

* dealing with crisis

* confidence building

* effective communication

* social graces, etiquette

* dealing with teenagers / in-laws

Professionals and businessmen

Our module includes :

* personal development for personal / professional success

* setting goals

* time management

* interpersonal skills

* leadership and motivation

* confidence building

Personal Consultation

After a complete analysis of your personality we identify the positive traits and help you to enhance your persona, taking into consideration your physical attributes, social status, designation and lifestyle. We help you to minimize your flaws and improve your personal and professional relationships.



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