Orchids Etc is the wonderful world of orchids, and other exotic plants.

Orchids Etc is the wonderful world of orchids, and other exotic plants.

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Orchids Etc is the wonderful world of orchids, and other exotic plants. For several years we have been cultivating orchids, and other plants, at our upcountry farms. Finally we have decided to reach out to other discerning plants lovers though our outlet in Mumbai. Please take a look our collection on this site and visit our outlet in Bandra….. it is always great to meet other plant lovers.

Our main aim is to increase knowledge of orchids and other exotics, among the general public at large.

Very few people are aware that orchids are relatively easy plants to look after, and a lot of them are perfectly happy at a suitable spot indoors.

The notion that orchid plants are something mysterious, exotic, and requiring specialized care is a myth we have set out to shatter, and it will be our endeavour to bring these beautiful flowering plants to the homes of all plant lovers. We encourage the interested person to visit our showroom, which we consider a boutique for plants, and see the varieties in stock, and we will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

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Visit our showroom at Bandra, which we call a Boutique for Plants, and see the current collection in stock. You don’t need to purchase, but you will certainly come away with a sense of satisfaction in witnessing such a riot of colours in one area.


Our client list to whom we supply orchid plants include 5 Star hotels, Corporates, and HNI’s. The beauty and long lasting flowers are an ideal way to lend an elegance to any surrounding, be it the desk of the receptionist or hotel suite, or well displayed plants in the Conference room, or on the table of the CMD.


Be different. As a refreshing change, consider gifting an orchid plant instead. Not only will the flowers last a lot longer than those of the bouquet, but the plant will continue to give more blooms in the years to come.


At Orchids etc.,we offer a wide design selection of different types of floral arrangements from simple and elegant lkebana arrangements to more elabourate bouquets. Choose from a selection of exotic seasonal flowers & greens to make an arrangement of your choice.

GAIA Gardens:

Experts in

  • landscape design
  • garden maintenance
  • green plants for hire

Gaia Gardens have been appointed the dealership for the world famous Lachuza set of planters,which are imported from Germany.

Sleek and stylish, these come in various shapes, colours, and shapes. They also have a unique self-watering system which allows for ease of maintenance of the plants.



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