Otto Infinito

Otto Infinito

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Otto Infinito is a Mediterranean restaurant whose cuisine, ambience and attitude embody the eight countries within the Mediterranean region that it represents – France, Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Morocco.

Otto Infinito – 8 to the power of infinity – Capturing the infinite range of the Mediterranean from 8 a.m. onwards.

Otto Infinito is an easy dining restaurant that showcases the flavours of the Mediterranean region and is open from 08:00 a.m. till 12:30 a.m. Stop by for a laid back meal and enjoy the sense of community over a leisurely repast.

The restaurant moulds itself through the day to accommodate the changing needs of the diner and shifts seamlessly from breakfast to a light and casual lunch to a leisurely and laid back dinner. Only the theme continues: the flavours of the Mediterranean region. The ambience, food and service styles change as the day progresses to adapt to these evolving needs.

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All the fish, seafood and vegetables at Otto Infinito are locally sourced and are served fresh. Most of the recipes at Otto Infinito are based on traditional family recipes from the region and represent comfort food from the region.

The Mediterranean region is known for its effusive hospitality and food forms an integral part of the culture and many conversations take place overlong and leisurely meals. The flavours are clean and simple without the extensive use of oil, butter and cream. The chefs at Otto Infinito adhere to these traditions.


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