Parallax Design Studio

Parallax Design Studio

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Parallax Design Studio was established in 2004. Our methodology or approach to creative problem solving begins with the observation and understanding of the unique values of each client.

The central concern of the practice is design excellence, achieved through active collaboration with clients and specialists – from fine artists to cost consultants. Cost management is of great importance – all projects have been built within their respective budgets. A wide range of supporting skills underpins the work of the practice, including 3-D model making, CAD drawing and visualisation.

Established in 1976, PMD has, over the years acquired a reputation in hospitality interior design. Through the firm’s work focuses primarily on hotels and restaurant interiors it has diversified into healthcare interiors recently.

par. al. lax (par-uh-laks) is the apparent shift of an object against a background due to a change in observer position, hence the name Parallax for the design studio.

Parallax Design Studio collaborates with Prakash Mankar Associates, an interior design firm based in Mumbai, India.


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