Pedestrianising Bandra - The Bandra Mapping Project

[quote]I love to walk, but I can hardly find people walking on the streets of bandra, except the promenades which are more frequented by visitors to bandra. When the busride guys put up a event on FB of a morning walk followed up by a Pop-up exhibition, I was very keen on checking it out but *oversleeping happened* and I missed the walk and but barely managed to walk into the exhibition and just took a few pictures which I am posting below.[/quote]

The POP- UP exhibition at St. Jude Bakery for The Bandra mapping Project, which is an attempt to understand and actively engage with the tangible and intangible aspects of this vibrant suburb. To allow for an in-depth understanding and a very small pixel size, we walked every street, listing and rating built forms, open spaces, monuments and landmarks, to a list of diverse criteria, in an effort to quantify the suburb’s pedestrian response and mapping all aspects of pedestrian friendly Bandra.

The pedestrianisation and showcasing of these important parts of Bandra’s cultural fabric is the first step towards understanding the suburb.


Here is an excerpt from Mumbai Boss:

As citizens of Bandra will attest, their bungalow-strewn suburb is more pedestrian-friendly than most other neighbourhoods in our city. That, however, was not what Ayaz Basrai discovered when he set out to map all of Bandra’s buildings, green spaces and pavements. “We realised the suburb is not as conducive to walking, that there was always something off,” Read more here


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