Photo Essay of 16th road, Pali Naka Tweatup aka Food crawl held on 22nd Feb.

Photo Essay of 16th road, Pali Naka Tweatup aka Food crawl held on 22nd Feb.

The Food crawl tweeps all gathered at EATC, which is owned by the Mars group. Once upon a time, it was a buzzing place. It turned out to be a excellent venue, instead of the noisy coffeeshops. I expect more tweetups here in future.


After gathering EATC we set out on foot to KP or Kailash Parbhat, where we decided to check out some Sindhi Food items like Dal Pakwan and Koki. There are only two places in Bandra/khar for Sindhi food. 1) Kailash parbhat (they also serve bee ki sabjee and sindhi curries 2) Tharu Mukhi bandra ( The 2 local Sindhi Boys Rahul and Navin wouldnt stop raving about Tharu Mukhi Bandhar.)


#foodcrawl poser pic Except Nitin and Rajinder, all are in the picture at Kailash Parbhat.


The Koki which is basically onion, coriander and some dough I think was very tasty but too much on the spicier side for my palate.


#foodcrawl poser pic

We had 2 bandra boys Rahul and Navin (who lives at Pali-naka). Navin immedaitely took us to Punjab Sweets at Palinaka for Pani-Puri and Ragda paties.


The discovery of the food crawl for me was a Anda Pav shop diagonally opp. Toto’s. One would never stop here, but our Pali naka boy Navin whose father incidently runs a catering business insisted this is a good and reliable place for a anda Pav, *Navin is a vegetarian though* The place opens up at 8am, if you are late for work and want a quick bit, this is the place to stop your car/bike for a quick bite.


Venky (our host for the tweatup) and Me (shoulder) posing at the anda pav place


Raj aka @rajinderbs (pls follow him) in an animated discussion about food.


Our appetite peaked just waiting for the cheese bacon hotdog


I used to think Between Breads was a bit overrated by the Hipsters but this melting in the mouth soft bread, with bacon, sausage and cheese, has made me one of those hipster craving for one of those again!!


Finally, I said I wouldn’t eat anything, unless I am fed something sweet and we took a break at Khaane Khaas for a Phirni. Surprisingly 75% in the group had never had a Phirni before. This means we need to teach the younger generation more culinary stuffs.