I shifted to bandra about a year back to work on this website and create a community. I love walking the streets of bandra/khar, there are some beautiful tree lined streets without much traffic and they have some sweet bungalows. I am trigger happy when it comes to clicking pictures of bungalows. Thankfully I had all my pictures on icloud and with GPS mark so i could recollect, I am going to improve on this repertoire of pictures of bungalows in bandra, if you have any interesting pictures or know more about these bungalows, do write to me,  before they take the redevelopment route and we loose these beautiful places.

There is something inviting and open about these bungalows, maybe its because of their low compound wall, which makes them very community friendly, not like the walled suburb bandra is becoming due to rapid gentrifications.

For pictures of Bungalows in khar go here https://bandra.info/pictures-of-khar-bungalows-compiled/