Reliance Jio Garden is more a concert venue than a garden, BKC.

Reliance Jio Garden is more a concert venue than a garden, BKC.

I was curious to see what the futuristic garden looks like, so I headed to the recently opened reliance Jio garden at BKC.

Once you buy a 10 Rs ticket for 3 hours, you scan your ticket into one of those entry pods, which logs in your in time. As I had entered the garden (calling it a garden is misnomer) because i could hardly see any trees, but then I realised the trees are lined on the sides and are now babies and will take more than couple of years to grow to their adult size.

The garden seems more of a venue for concerts with a 1000 (which will scale to 2000 cars) cars which can be parked below it. The grass is synthetic made from polymer which is another reason this place should be called a garden. The fountains were not yet working as it’s still doesn’t have enough footfalls.

If this mass manufacturing of gardens in a assembly line, Reliance Jio which plans to set up many more of such gardens has got it quite on the sweet spot. I plan never to visit this garden again unless it’s a music concert. (skillrex scheduled to play on 10th OCT). To sum it up this was the most boring garden I have been to yet, but it could be a great concert venue.

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