pinkberryPinkberry India, is brought to you by JSM Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

JSM portfolio includes a repertoire of some of India’s most successful and well- known independent restaurants, like the super premium luxury lounge Shiro, with its signature high ceilings, grand statues and award winning oriental cuisine. JSM is the exclusive India master franchisee for world-renowned brands like Hard Rock Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen, Trader Vic’s, Inakaya and now Pinkberry.

Pinkberry is an innovative yogurt retailer that launched in West Hollywood, CA, in 2005. Today, with more than 230 stores worldwide, Pinkberry is one of the world’s fastest growing global retail brands and continues to lead the frozen yogurt category. Pinkberry’s yogurt flavors, paired with fresh-cut-daily fruit and premium toppings offer an irresistible light and refreshing taste. Pinkberry is a one-of-a-kind experience comprised of distinct product, outstanding service and inspirational design. From store design to engaging team members to delicious yogurt flavors and toppings Pinkberry delivers an experience that delights and refreshes consumers.

Pinkberry – handcrafted yogurt bar

Swirled frozen or scooped fresh, our fresh and frozen yogurt flavors are expertly handcrafted to complement the finest premium toppings and fresh, hand-cut fruit. Light and refreshing, we serve the best-tasting yogurt just the way you like it.

Frozen Yogurt

Pinkberry is inspired by European gelaterias and yogurterias, Pinkberry’s distinctive yogurt flavors are expertly crafted to complement its high quality, daily fresh cut fruit and dry toppings and offer an irresistibly tangy, incomparably refreshing taste so light it leaves you craving more.

Fresh Yogurt

Low fat, fresh yogurt. Smooth and creamy. No added preservative. Delicious when combined with fresh, culinary toppings


Enjoy pinkberry on the go with a delicious and nutritious lassi. Blended to perfection with fresh simple ingredients, our lassis are made with fresh pinkberry yogurt , low fat milk and fresh daily hand-cut fruit. Choose from mango, rose or pineapple coconut.


Expertly crafted, pinkberry shakes™ are a light and refreshing twist on the classic milkshake. Made with our signature frozen yogurt and high quality ingredients like fresh, hand-cut fruit, each of our handcrafted shakes are more irresistible than the next. Choose from our signature blends, like pomegranate, chocolate banana or salted caramel.


There are thousands of combinations with either our fresh fruit, dry or liquid toppings–create your own masterpiece on your next Pinkberry visit. Go ahead, try a unique new combination!


1 & 2, Dheeraj Swapna Building,

Next to 5 Spice,

Pali Naka,

Bandra West,




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