Sorting out your date plans this Valentine's date in Bandra

Sorting out your date plans this Valentine's date in Bandra

The season of love is soon approaching. A day dedicated to reaffirm your love and sustain it through affectionate ways. A time when the partner rightfully expects a date night, a loving gesture and discusses plans ahead in time. If you have been wondering where to go this time round, we suggest planning a Valentine’s date in Bandra.

Pro tip #1 – Ditch the run of the mill candy, card and flowers and practice the effective traditional ways to express love. Learn to bake a cake, send a handwritten love letter, relive your first date or wear similar clothing. For a memorable date, consider the below ideas for a special Valentine’s date in Bandra

While some partners may like surprises, some like to be in the know. If thinking local, consider the below places to unwind and strengthen your romance.

3 Wise Monkeys
3 Wise Monkeys | Photo Courtesy – Trip Advisor

3 Wise Monkeys

If you’re into singing, we suggest a date night at 3 Wise Monkeys. It is popular for its Karaoke Nights and LIVE music. You two can bond over amazing songs which define your relationship and publicly dedicate songs to one another. And as you validate your love publicly, you sure earn a million brownie points this Valentine’s.

To top it all, the place severs lip smacking North Indian and Multi Cuisine delicacies, so you can eat to your heart’s content.

Average cost for two – INR 1500/-

Pro Tip #2 – Allow the lady to place the order. Just give her the importance as she deserves every bit of it. You can plan a small surprise for her like a gift which comes along with the food or a specially baked dessert with your initials on it.

Carter Road Social

The ideal Valentine’s date in Bandra would be around the scenic Arabian Sea. Head to the stunning promenade at Carter Road to enjoy quality time and the much needed privacy. Watch the waves crash against the shores as you reminisce on your relationship milestones, embraced in cool breeze. Walk, jog or run with your partner, if you both are into fitness.

Then head for a high-protein breakfast spread at Carter Road Social. Sip the magical cup of coffee/tea as you take the sea view along. Relish the present moment and discuss future plans. When you eat well, you feel good and love is a sum of many such small yet special experiences.

Table for two costs approximately INR 1500/-

Pro Tip #3 – Use public transport with your partner. To be protective of your loved one amid crowded bus/train gives an immediate boost to the relationship. Additionally, you get to explore the city together and the date begins on time!

The Bhookha Beirdo

If you both have large appetites and don’t mind the occasional junk food binge then The Bhookha Beirdo at Pali Mala, Bandra is just right for you! The place is open until 4 am, so you head here for a midnight brunch with your better half.

Also, it will be useful to grow a beird as you read this, as the place offers special discounts based on the lengths of individual beards. They serve the best Chicken Wings and Potato Wedges facilitating an instant boost in mood.

Keep aside an INR 1000/- for this casual date

Pro Tip #4 – As a conversation starter you can lay out several couple facts, one being that most couples begin to resemble one another after several years of union. Many more such facts can be discussed to deepen the bond which resonate with you two.

Soul Fry

This beautiful and chirpy place finds itself in the middle of the Pali Mala Vegetable Market. If you’re regular at vegetable bargaining and work out food budgets together, consider a dual date of stocking up on veggies as well as lunch here.

Enjoy the spicy west coastal seafood specialties such as Prawn Pulav, Bombil Fry, Sol Kadhi, Goan Fish Curry among other Goan inspired cooking.

You can even live the carefree spirit of Goa by participating in Karaoke with your beloved.


This stunning fine dining restaurant is located at Dr. Ambedkar Road sharing the same premises as Hotel Executive Enclave. If you’re on the lookout for a cozy corner, consider their private dining area which is equipped with entertaining LIVE Music, sports screening and if you’re fortunate you may even witness a LIVE gig or event.

Consider reserving your table well in advance and inquire about Valentine’s day gigs. If your lover is into seafood, you can present them with a special Crab Cake, additionally binge on Butter Chicken & Butter Paneer varieties.

To top it up with unique Gulukhand Chocobars and Sambar Cappuccino

The budget for this outing should work out around 2,200/- without alcohol for two persons.

Team Bandra Info would be happy to know if you’re contemplating any of the above places. Tag a couple who is out of ideas and enlighten them. And let us know how you plan to spend this day of love!