Picture-1051Last night, we partied at my favourite Hawaiian Shack & for a change went to the Hip Hop floor (Level 2). I usually love to hang out at the ground floor where they play my favourite retro music. It was a Saturday night & packed & some hectic dancing later, was really dehydrated & while I asked two waiters for some Cranberry juice it never did make an appearance. Once the music shut, the bar closes too so we headed out & I was super thirsty.

Discovered an entrepreneurial storekeeper has a tiny stall stocked with water, red bull, coke & pepsi cans etc just a stone’s throw away from Shack. Got myself some cold water from him & then we decided to head to Land’s End to hang out for a bit at Vista their 24 hour coffee shop. Unfortunately, their brilliant sea view was covered due to the rains or the dark (not sure which) but they served up a refreshing mocktail called the Berry Blast (strawberry, blueberry, rasberry slush style) & was a great place to sit & chat.

Originally Reviewed at  https://allaboutfood.in/.
Originally Reviewed at https://allaboutfood.in/.

Even better, Bandstand was open for business with tons of people enjoying the sea breeze and the magestic waves at 3 am so we sat there and watched the sea. I dont think I will ever get tired of watching the sea!

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