Bandra Info May 1st week Newsletter

Sun, May 2, 2021

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Bandra Info May 1st week Newsletter

I have decided to make this newsletter a weekly affair for the next two years. Let me see how far I stick to this resolution. They say consistency is the KEY to success. It is high time, I start delivering value to Bandra Info followers and subscribers.

A lot of people have been after me to include Covid Resources. I think to do that I should be privy to BMC or know one of the municipal corporators. Otherwise what you know is what I know. There are journalists who are privy to first information and they certainly are better equipped to provide information on the covid situation in Bandra and Mumbai.

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April 30th was International Jazz day and I think it is apt to introduce Sunil Sampat to the newly minted jazz aficionados. It is highly unlikely jazz fans in Bandra haven’t come across one of Sunil’s writings. Sunil was involved in the formation of the group Jazz India and has been writing about jazz since the 1980s. He has been the contributing editor of Rolling Stone magazine since 2009.

When you enter Sunil’s Bandra house you will catch a soft Jazz melody playing from his collection of vinyl records. Some of his collections are rare and only 500 copies of them were made in the world.

Sunil is a Bandra resident since 1972. He grew up in Nagpur and spent his early working years in Canada. During his travels, he had the opportunity to meet and interview some of the all-time greats like including John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington.

Recent Interviews

I found one of the best interviews of him on youtube. Go check out here.





A girl from the slum is spotted by an American Actor Director. What happens next.

  1. A crowdfunding campaign is launched to help her meet her expenses and train her to become a model.
  2. She goes popular on social media and now has lacs of followers
  3. She has 10 minute documentary on her.

Meet Malleesha Karwa whose dreams are made of these and might come true. What if people collaborated and made more and more slum kids life such a dream. Watch the documentary below.

A cat serial killer is on the loose and there is a reward of Rs 15000 for anyone who can provide more information about the same. Of the six cats which were found mutilated only three survived.

In January author Ravi Subramaniam’s wife was robbed near Bandra Gymkhana during her morning walk. This month on April 30th Duhita Chaddha was robbed of her phone in broad daylight. With Streets remaining isolated it is tempting for criminals to try and attach.

Also, It seems robbers prefer woman? Perhaps men resist and can give them a chase. Of course, this is unconfirmed speculation on my behalf, but I would advise women to be more careful.

I seen muggers say on youtube that they are afraid of women because women scream. Maybe Mumbai Police should give us some statistics on mugging. What should one do so to avoid getting mugged, and the course of action?

It seems BMC H west office has shifted to a new premise from May 1st and it is a bigger building than the current Hill Road office. As per Bandra Municipal Councillor Asif Zakaria, it is a five-storied space with better organisation and ample parking.

How much will this new space improve the efficiency of BMC Hwest?