Bandra Info April 15 Newsletter

Thu, Apr 15, 2021

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Bandra Info April 15 Newsletter

We are in another Lockdown, this entire lockdown and pandemic feel like our worst dystopian dreams coming through. The state government this time seems to have a single-minded focus on not running out of hospital beds. While it is the most important thing, it is not really clear, what are the sub-goals of the lockdown/curfew.

If maintaining a buffer in the number of hospital beds in the Main Goal, what is the sub-goal?

I know the day we will have transparency in the administration, we will not have any administration or won’t need one for sure. Can people organise themselves, without any form of government? Is it possible at this age circa post-2000?

Now let us have a look at the top trending stories in March and April.

It seems the much treasured and cherish Public space called the Carter Road Promenade is being gambled away in chasing the end goals of this project which will serve 11 per cent of commuters. (car owing commuters) in Mumbai. I tried making sense of this whole controversy here.

So a young guy just landed up near St. Martin’s Road or Almeida Park and started busking one fine Sunday and literally stole people’s heart.

I love busking but I thought it only happened in the west. In India, starving artists might get on the road with their harmonium and things could get worse, like those singers in the local train.

Shakeel Music has no qualms about busking his art. He got the idea after seeing some Youtube video’s and he started in Bangalore where he earned 6k Rs on his first night busking. Though Bandra gig doesn’t seem to have to be profitable, we need to encourage busking.

Streets are the common community place hijacked by hawkers and store owners. A bit of hijacking to relieve people of their sufferings by musicians like Shakeel is not something we should mind.

Read his story here on Instagram and watch a snippet of his busking performance here.

So a row broke out over some street art. Though the genesis of the dispute was in Delhi, it relates to Bandra also. Budweiser commissioned some street artists to paint over city walls to celebrate Messi or his story. This apparently costed Delhi and Mumbai some ICONIC wall art. We lost Anarkale painted in 2012 by the Bollywood Art Project. Read about the entire controversy here.

The idea of skateboarding along the seafront is a dream come true at the Carter Road Skatepark. Now not only runners, walkers and nature lovers, but Skateboarders can be part of this public space, but the park has shoddy construction. I put my blame as usual on BMC contractors. Read my story on the same here.

On 14th March Zoru Bathena, an activist who regularly points out illegal hoardings on the streets and also is a Tree Activist bought to the notice of defacement of Bandra Fort by a nameplate claiming the credits to Ashish Shelar. Incidentally, the nameplate was removed. Read the entire sequence of events here.

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