July First Week Newsletter

Wed, Jul 7, 2021

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July First Week Newsletter

The neighbours thought there must be something wrong with Mr Vaz, they hadn’t seen him in a while. They called the police and the fire department. The firemen broke into Mr Vaz’s house and found that Mr Vaz was ill and had not eaten. He seemed to have neither money nor the will to survive. The group of boys took him to the hospital and are now raising money for his expenses.​

I am copy-pasting their plea below.

​Today 2nd July 2021 we saw cops entering the building and got to know this man is not responding from past 2 days we all went to see and they had to break the door and entered and saw the man on the floor did talk and did not know what is happening around him his house condition is something no one has ever seen in their life and his fridge was terrible the house condition is not worth living no family supporting him please add help him G-Pay +91 97697 93433​Jawad Khan​Via- Instagram


I am told that he is admitted to Holy Family Hospital.

In case you wish to donate.

​G-Pay +91 97697 93433​Jawad Khan​

Via- Instagram

Disclaimer -

Please do all due diligence before donating.

​Kripa Bhatia lives in Bandra and has spent hours painting Kekee Mazil. The book is written by Jerry Pinto, illustrated by Kripa and there are paintings by Gieve Patel and Sudhir Patwardhan. The book has been published by Pratham Books. You can read the book on the Story weaver website.

About the Book -

​The book is called The Art Gallery on Princess Street. Kekoo and Khorshed Gandhy gave modern Indian art a window to make a mark around the world. Bombay’s Gallery Chemould was a home away from home for the art community.

There is a documentary also on Kekee Manzil

Filmmakers Behroze Gandhy and Dilesh Korya’s documentary, Kekee Manzil - The House of Art offers a glimpse into the interiors of a heritage home, shedding light on its iconic residents Kekoo and Khorshed Gandhy. Kekoo established the only picture-framing company in Asia in the 1940s and later opened the city’s first contemporary art gallery, Gallery Chemould, now known as Chemould Prescott Road, run by his daughter Shireen Gandhy. The documentary captures how Kekoo and Khorshed displayed compassion during challenging times, stayed true to their secular ideals, and remained engaged civically, while building frameworks within which art could grow in post-colonial India.www.thehindu.com

I was looking for signs of Shrinkflation in Bandra and lo and behold, I found it in GoodLuck Cafe tea. The tea now costs Rs 25/- instead of Rs 20 (pre-pandemic) and the tea had less milk and more water.

Shrinkflation is a phenomenon mostly seen in the F&B industry where due to increasing cost pressures, downsizing is adjusted giving the customer the illusion that they are paying the same price as before but in reality, they are being fooled.


They are called delivery partners, but that is exactly what the postmodernists mean by the language of oppression. One day a Zomato delivery partner was delivering my food and he seemed pretty angry. I asked him what the problem was. He said that even beggars are paid better than delivering food. He gets paid only Rs 15 for this delivery from Khar, which is about a kilometre away from my house in Bandra.

Since then, I add Rs 30 as a tip to each of my orders. We cannot pressurise these big companies but we can be sensitive towards the deliverymen. I have been informed by others that Zomato and Swiggy both pay around Rs 15-30 per delivery. We will never know as these companies do not give transparency.