June Third Week Newsletter

Sat, Jun 19, 2021

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June Third Week Newsletter

It is unfortunate that some schools haven’t reduced fees during the Pandemic year 2021. JML in Khar has in fact increased its fees this year. AVM did not increase its fees but kept them the same. The supreme court verdict, requiring private schools to reduce fees for online classes, seems to have fallen on deaf ears of the school administration.

Since the fees are due soon, Parents are anxious and now BJP has taken up the issue. BJP has asked the state government to intervene and demanded a whopping 50% reduction in the fees. I have someone complaining that one of the Bandra school is even excluding students from online classes, though the SC judgment clearly mentions that this must be avoided.

If you are a parent and reading this, what do you think about this whole situation? Let me know.

Below are some news articles for your reference.

The MLA and others also urged the state government to direct the school management to consider representation from parents in respect of difficulties in payment of annual fees for academic years 2020-21 and 2021-22 with “sympathy” on a “case-to-case basis”.


Additional Government Pleader Geeta Shastri, for the state government, submitted the state school education department on June 7 has issued a notification through which a Divisional Fee Regulatory Committee has been constituted. The HC sought an affidavit from the state government setting out the information pertaining to the functioning of the authority and issues addressed by it. The PIL will be heard next on June 22.


Bandra Talao Beautification was MLA’s Ashish Shelar’s project, but since the BJP lost power in the state elections, it seems that the Shiv Sena BMC has stalled his plans. But Asif Zakaria mentions in a tweet that he has sent a proposal to the BMC to maintain the Talao.

The area is getting dirtier by the year, no one knows why. The area is surrounded by slums, it seems that the residents do not have proper garbage disposal and the garbage is usually dumped in the talao. Here are some nice pictures by Gayatri Kulkarni.

Not Bade Miya at 16th Road

I was pleasantly surprised to see Miya (No relation to Bade Miya Colaba) on 16th Road (opposite Shree Sagar). The place has changed multiple brands, and I hope the place has finally found a brand that fits.​Miya seems like a good idea, focusing primarily on kebabs and rolls that only require a grill and some marinated meat. Kake da Dhaba, its predecessor, couldn’t cope with the pandemic slump in sales and seems to have wound up.​​