Making Sense of the (VBSL) Versova Bandra Sea Link Controversy

Wed, Mar 3, 2021

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Making Sense of the (VBSL) Versova Bandra Sea Link Controversy

It has been some time since we know the new sea links connecting South Mumbai to North Mumbai is going to be a monstrous reality. I for one totally don’t understand the idea behind this project which will serve the most elite of the Mumbai citizens.

The government argument would be that these projects stimulate the economy and make India look modern. The number of images of Bandra Worli Sealink floating in the cyber space itself is proof that the ordinary common man is fooled by the grandiose of these Engineering marvels which actually is their hard-earned money given to the most elite section of the society.

The Bandra Versova Sea link is another such Monstrosity.

What are the residents worried about?

Besides being a questionable utility of such hubris. The citizens seemed to have moved on to “What’s next” considering the inevitable existence of this link in their near future on their coastlines.

So What is at Stake?

It seems the much treasured and cherish Public space called the Carter Road Promenade is being gambled away in chasing the end goals of this project which will serve 11 per cent of commuters. (car owing commuters) in Mumbai.

While these car owners will leapfrog from Bandra to Versova by cutting down the travel time a 10th (as per the official claims), the residents might lose the cherished public space.

There are two reasons.

  1. The VBSL entry point is right next to Otter’s club, which is the starting point of the promenade as we all know. This means the walkers or visitors now have to watch out for cars before trying to enter from this end. There is no clarification on how this is going to be handled. Radheshyam Mopalwar on who strong shoulder this responsibility lands is saying Dekha jayega. Which is rather random and arbitrary.
  2. The second reason is there is Proposed round-about to this flyover lands at the Railway colony . Which means the project is making sure to screw you at both ends., this means your pleasant morning and evening experince at the sea promeande is in jeopardy.

Enter Shri Radheshyam Ji

We are now at the mercy of Shri Radheshyam Ji who is the cheif of the project. All I can say is Radhe Radhe now, till we get more clarity on the same from my lord.. But Please Sir, Let’s have more transparency and clarity before you retire.

Image Credit - The Financial Express

The Solution

Abraham John Architects have come up with a solution whereby they recommend reducing the number of connectors, so as to keep the long promenade untouched. The connector could be at the end of Khar Dhanda.

This looks like a practical and feasible solution. Dear Readheshyam Ji, what do you think? Check out this elegant video on what could be done to save the promenade.

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