May Fourth Week Newsletter

Tue, May 25, 2021

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May Fourth Week Newsletter

In this newsletter, I talk about the following

  1. My vaccination experience
  2. Beggars on Streets of Bandra
  3. Internet Disruption after Cyclone Tauktae
  4. Talat Mehmood’s Bungalow at Perry Road

My Vaccination Experience

I had to go all Mahim Maternity home to finally get my first dose of covishield. The process is seamless and I didn’t feel anything and process was over in a blink of an eye.You are then asked to wait for thrity minutes and then you can leave. If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  1. The covishield dose is a flu virus with protein spikes which produce antibodies, so you will develop flu-like symtoms for a day or two.I didn’t get the fever, but got cough that was severe, like much more than normal cough. You could use paracetamol to curb the fever.
  2. They say you should avoid alcohol for 45 days after the vaccination.
  3. You should not take any medicines that are blood thinners.
  4. Your jabbed arm may have localised pain.

Good luck with your vaccine lottery. :)

Beggars on the Streets

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we see more and more homeless people on the streets. They live inconspicuously, sleeping at bus stops or in small groups on the sidewalks. Some come from other areas and beg for food and other necessities of life.

The reason they come all the way from somewhere is because Bandra is an HNI area and it is easier to get good food.There are also donors who drive around in big cars and distribute free food and other essentials.

My appeal is: can we let them be and hope that these people will leave to earn their livelihood once the lockdown and pandemic are under control?

You Broadband Service Outage

After Cyclone Tauktae uprooted so many trees. The main complaint on social media was that the internet was down. I think it is You Broadband that was the main source of frustration.

You Broadband is one of the first broadband service providers in Mumbai with a large user base in Bandra. Having more subscribers means that the disruption will much more amplified on social media.

Also other ISP’s like Brian and Tata Sky Broad band's are also facing difficulties.

Talat Mahmood’s former Bungalow at Perry Road

Some of the bungalows in Bandra give us a brief glimpse into the past of this suburb. For a newcomer like me who moved to Bandra only in 2013.

I find it difficult to imagine what Bandra was like before the neo-liberal globalised wave of Bandra Worli Sea link took it over. Some may also attribute all the development to our former MLA Baba Siddique.

Many Bollywood personalities made Bandra their home as Sobo was more or less taken over by the old money industrialists.

Bandra has a creative ethos and these early Bollywood personalities lived well in big houses.Most of these filmy bungalows are now gone the last one being Rajesh Khanna’s Aashirvad. The only exception seems to be Naushad Ali’s bungalow at Carter Road.

This tweet about Talat Mahmood’s Bungalow is a blast from the past.

Do you have a Bollywood-Bandra Trivia. Let me know. I love Bollywood stories more. The lives of these Bollywood people were as interesting as the movies they made, don’t you think so?