May Third Week Newsletter

Sun, May 16, 2021

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May Third Week Newsletter

All seems calm with and no need to worry about Cyclone Tauktae. We had some light rain yesterday, however the administration has taken some precautions.

Mental Health Support for the Young

These lockdown times take a toll on mental health, young people especially need to be looked after. They are most vulnerable in these times. I wish we could do something for them at the community level. Any organization that is committed to helping young people cope better with stress can contact me, and I will be happy to let my young followers know about your services.

New Covid Centers

As per this tweet from Asif Zakaria, there are two more vaccination centers in Bandra West.

  1. Hotel Rang Sharda Bandra Reclamation.
  2. Harmony MCGM Welfare center Harmony Society Opp Rizvi college of Engineering,Rizvi complex.

Though they are opening centers, it seems availability is still jinxed and I have not seen any slots available yet. I don’t mind it much as I usually work from home. People who have to travel for work should get preference. So it’s best if people who can work from home don’t rush and let others get the vaccine.

Home Delivery of Essentials and Tiffins for Covid Postive Patients

Cooking takes a lot of time and energy, plus there are other things like shopping, cleaning, and cutting. One way the pandemic has changed my behaviour is that I’ve completely stopped running to the neighbourhood grocery store to buy stuff. I prefer to order online from Big Basket or Fraazo. Superdaily is another good service, but their delivery is usually only between 5 and 6 am. Big Baskets only delivers the next day, but you can try your luck with Fraazo if you want same day delivery.

Need Delivery in 15 mins

Another new kid on the block is Quikaf, they promise to deliver in 15 minutes but the items they deliver are like snacks a hungry teenager might need while studying. But they promise to deliver fresh vegetables and fruits soon. That would help me cut down on my Zomato orders and eat healthy.

Tiffins for Covid Positive Patients

If you are unfortunate enough to get the virus and have no one to cook, you can check out these beautifully put together meal delivery options from Mumbai Foodie for home cooked meals in Bandra, Khar & Santacruz.

Meet Maud Mary Fernandez nee Pereira

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find the new blogpost from Rita’s Tales in my inbox. Rita’s Tales is @purrincosplay mother’s blog.

This is Rita paying tribute to her mother Maud Mary Fernandez née Pereira who unfortunately passed away on 5th feb 2021.

A few things about Maud Mary Fernandez nee Pereira

  1. Maud was born on 6th October 1934 in 1 A Pali Village, Bandra.

  2. She attended the local St. Anthony’s School in Pali village.

  3. She then completed her secondary education at St. Andrew’s School, which was considered a privilege, back then.

Now I’m not giving away all the secrets here, head over to Rita’s blog to find out more about Maud.