Prakruti Sports Science & Physiotherapy Clinic

Prakruti Sports Science & Physiotherapy Clinic

prakruti logoPrakruti Sports Science and Physiotherapy Clinic was established with a mission to prevent musculoskeletal injuries, lifestyle diseases, and limit disability arising from joint diseases. By integrating traditional physical therapy treatments with fitness, nutritional guidance, health and wellness we have been able to help thousands of patients over the last fifteen years to live a pain-free and active life. We truly believe that exercise is medicine and when used in the prescribed dose can prevent/ solve most problems.

We have found successful solutions to help people with acute, sub-acute and chronic problems, and when we are in doubt about our ability to help a patient, we unhesitatingly refer them to the correct doctor/ facility.

We work with several leading physicians and surgeons to impart health and pain relief. We also work with schools, organizations, and sports academies to promote health, give ergonomic advice, prescribe preventive exercises and diet plans.

Prakruti SSPC is a specialised physiotherapy clinic dealing with musculoskeletal and orthopaedic rehabilitation, and prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries.


We specialize in rehabilitation after:

Arthroscopic knee surgeries: ACL, PCL, Menisectomy, etc

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgeries: Bankart’s, Rotator Cuff, Labral Tears, etc.

Replacement Surgeries: TKR, UKR, THR, Shoulder etc

All other orthopaedic rehabilitation/ pain management/ non-operative management of injuries.

Fitness Testing for Cricket, Tennis, Swimming, Wrestling, Badminton, and Track and Field Athletes

Injury prevention and rehabilitation of athletes and sportsmen


Prakruti is a referral centre for top level national and international athletes from Tennis, Cricket, Track and field sports, Swimming, Wrestling and Shooting. We are involved in their long term rehabilitation after injury/ surgery right up till the time they rejoin their team. Our continuous learning programs and in house training makes our clinic a centre of advanced learning for new Physiotherapists

prakruti1We also conduct specially designed sessions

Back Care

Knee Care

Antenatal / Postnatal exercises

Exercise sessions for senior citizens who wish to remain fit or have been advised exercises for medical reasons.

Exercise sessions for children in various sports. These exercises are designed to prevent injuries and enhance performance in that particular sport

Nutrition and Weight Control:

At Prakruti Nutrition Centre, we teach you to make healthy and lasting changes to your diet to get the most out of life.

Sports Nutrition: In sports, the correct diet can make difference between winning and losing. We provide sports-specific nutritional evaluation for elite and amateur sportsmen, nutritional counselling for in-season and off-season diets, pre and post match diets, fluid replacements, etc.

Weight loss and Maintenance: We believe that lasting weight loss can be achieved only by small but significant changes in lifestyle. Your diet will be designed to suit your lifestyle and habits, taking into consideration your likes and dislikes, and reviewed every week to gauge the efficacy.

Child Health: Nutritional guidance and diet plans for toddlers and school-going children.

Special Diets: Diets for various medical conditions like Diabetes, Gout, Hypertension, Cardiac Diseases, etc

Nutritional guidance for the family.

We provide various plans and options for you to choose from. An online option is also available for those who cannot visit the clinic for follow ups.

Exercise Therapy:

At Prakruti SSPC, we believe in a wholesome, sensible, and achievable approach to exercise. Exercise is an essential part of our treatment protocols, and as we wean off treatment for pain, we always increase the exercises in small increments. Our patients are encouraged to make exercise a part of their life and specialised programs are designed for them before they leave our facility.

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Facilities and Equipment:

We have a large hall housing regular cardio and strength training equipment that has been specially chosen and designed for rehabilitation purposes and to ensure injury-free exercise for our other clients. We also use Exercise bands, Medicine balls, Free weights, Vestibular balls, balance pads, cuffs, etc.


Cardiovascular fitness, Strength and Endurance, Flexibility and Posture correction: We give equal importance to all of these while designing programs. Of course, depending on the result of individual assessments, we may concentrate on one aspect of fitness more than others.

We also use a combination of Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training, Balance and Proprioception Training, and several other exercise forms when we design exercises.

Cardiac Prehab program:

Is a close relative suffering from cardiac related disease (like high BP, heart attack etc)? Having a father, mother, brother or sister in your family with heart disease is a risk factor for you developing a heart problem yourself.

Do you have any other lifestyle related factors that might put you at risk? (e.g Obesity / sedentary lifestyle/ diabetes/ smoking, etc)

What can you do to reduce your risk and prevent a heart attack?

Welcome to our Cardiac Pre-hab program: Our team will take you through a lifestyle and risk factor modification program, which will include diet and exercise prescription specially made for you.

Childhood Obesity and nutrition

If you see your child with baby fat even after the age of 12 & you find him relatively less active in sports activities, you must start working on his health. Child obesity has become the latest threat to health. Correct nutrition should start very early, & younger the child the better to start.

Our Nutrition section will cater to this problem & will advise on Diet & Exercise for your child.

Antenatal Exercises

There will be some days in your pregnancy when just getting out of bed can be a challenge so exercise might seem out of the question. But staying active has lots of benefits both during your pregnancy, when it comes to giving birth, and also for a good recovery after birth.

Whether you were a regular at the gym before you got pregnant, or more of a couch potato, we’ve got tips on how to exercise safely during this joyous period.

Knee Replacement PRE-hab program:

Patients who are more fit prior to surgery may have shorter hospital stays and a quicker and pleasanter recovery post-operatively. Controlling your weight will help your new knee joint last longer. A weight loss and exercise program started 2-3 months before knee/ hip replacement will give best results.

Try our pain management, exercise and diet programs BEFORE committing to a knee replacement surgery

Postural Correction/ Injury PRE vention

Your body’s musculoskeletal system is a finely balanced and tuned machine. It allows you to stand upright, walk, run, jump, play and work. The reason it works so well is because of your spine’s posture.

Over time a chronically poor posture causes muscular tightness and weakness which can eventually lead to back and joint pains.

The good news is that you can often Correct Posture through Strength Training!


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