Punam Singh a certified yoga trainer from Kavalya Dhama

Punam Singh a certified yoga trainer from Kavalya Dhama

Cloud 4G Star_20151204_171145Punam Singh is a certified yoga trainer certified from Kavalya Dhama, she has a rich positive experience of 6 years in training students via home tuitions and has worked with students who had numerous medical problems.

Best yoga techniques for all…try at one

Personal yoga training at home…Best yoga training techniques for fast fat loss, body toning,improvement in posture,stamina..feel good

Training techniques like traditional yoga, asanas,power yoga,pranayama, meditation,pilates…etc

Cloud 4G Star_20151204_170456She specialises in teaching Yoga for

1) Weight Loss
2) Improving Mental Concentration
3) Overall Health and well-being.

She trained to teach the following

1: pranayam
2: Meditation
3: Traditional yoga
4: Power yoga
5: Vinyasaa yoga
6: Ashathang yog

She will also has knowledge of

* body stretching
* acupressure

*Ask for a Trail Class

* contact no. 8446607404,

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