Purple Haze Studios

Purple Haze Studios

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Purple Haze – is a state of the art modern multiple audio studio complex situated in the midtown suburb of Bandra, Mumbai.

Conceptualized in 1995, Purple Haze has always been in the forefront of the audio industry. Our USP is our large & spacious work area, which gives clients their individual space and stress free long working hours. With posh areas like Hill Road and Linking Road in close proximity, Purple Haze is surrounded by some of the best restaurants and shopping complexes.

We at Purple Haze believe in keeping ourselves up to date with our equipment and our technique. Our three studios are equipped with the latest that technology has to offer, and all of our equipment is of high-end quality.

In ‘Purple Haze’ you’ll find Protools HD3, Yamaha O2R-96, & Genelec speakers, hoards of outboard processors and microphones. This facility is used for music recording for ads, music albums, film songs, background scores etc.

Purple Haze has now equipped itself with a true 5.1 setup based on the world-renowned Genelec speakers, to cater to the New World directors.

This is a setup based on Protools & Genelec Monitors and the surround setup is based on International Telecommunications Union guidelines (ITU-R BS.775-1).

This setup is now recommended by SMPTE and also informally adopted by Dolby & DTS. It is now the standard format for mixing DVD, DTH, SACD, DVD-Audio, Film Premixes etc…

The 2nd studio, called ‘Purple Post’, is the smallest of the three. This studio also uses a computer based nonlinear system – Digidesign Protools LE-002, Yamaha O2R mixing Console, Yamaha NS10M speakers and excellent outboard processors and microphones.

The clients mainly use this studio for Audiovisuals, language dubbing for ads, serials etc., editing of music tracks, ads, songs etc

Please note that Purple Haze Studios is a commercial complex for business and as such, is not open to the general public.


Purple Haze Studios

57, St. Paul Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai 400050

Ph: +91 22-26454715,/+91 22-26431475

Fax: +91 22-26455402

Website: https://purplehazestudios.com


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