Pvr Cinemas Replaces Le Rêve and Residents Are Sore About It

In August 2018, PVR Cinemas had completed the acquisition of SPI Cinemas. At the time of the acquisition, PVR Cinemas mentioned that they will start re-branding SPI Cinemas. The Bandra property has been re-branded as PVR and bookings for these cinemas have been moved to PVR Cinemas Website.

Bandra doesn’t have a multiplex cinema

I am not a moviegoer, so this post is about the experience of others. When Le Rêve opened in 2016, residents were happy about this brand coming to the neighbourhood. As we all know that there isn’t a good theatre in Bandra. Le Rêve was the best choice in the neighbourhood.

We have G7, but it caters to a different clientele. If you want a movie experience of the 1980s then you could very well enjoy your movie date at G7. But if you are used to better multiplex experiences then Bandra doesn’t really have a multiplex. Le Rêve was a boutique cinema, it felt bespoke and had a personality of its own. So when the PVR rebranded it with their standardised fare, people have been complaining. Operational costs are lower because of standardisation, but even Macdonald customises it’s the menu as per the country it is in. PVR could well take feedback from the locals if it wants it brand goodwill to remain intact. They could very well afford it for the pricier tickets.

It remains to be seen if Bandra residents can get a better deal or will they adapt because of the lack of any other alternative?

What is wrong with PVR Cinemas replacing Le Rêve?

– Below are some of the reactions. Hear it from the people themselves.

1. Le Rêve only cinema which served good, fresh food.

2. Different vibe and charm of Le Reve missing

3. Expensive snacks.

4. Ticket prices increase without any value addition

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