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For people who crave something better to eat, Quiznos is the premier quick-serve restaurant that offers inspired sandwiches, because only Quiznos has the passion and imagination to deliver one-of-a-kind, toasted handcrafted sandwiches that satisfy minds, mouths and stomachs.

Most of us think food as a necessity. But uncommonly good food can elevate the necessary to the inspiring. That’s Quiznos! The menu is an amazing collection of chef-inspired recipes using high-quality ingredients to create hot toasted subs, signature soup.

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Be it the classic soft white and freshly baked Italian White or mixed with rosemary and natural cheese, roasted garlic, the multigrain or the Chipotle which has a natural Mexican flavor mixed with freshly baked bread, enjoy freshly toasted bread! No matter which sub you choose, the bread has its own taste at Quiznos.

A light breakfast, healthy salads, Quiznos sammies, steamed sizzling kebabs, flavourful pizzas – Quiznos has a number of toasty offers to choose from.

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You will love what you eat.

It’s a World that eats Together at Quiznos.


Shop No: 1, Gasper Enclave,

St. John Road,

Pali Naka,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400050

Ph: 022 – 26555588

Mobile: +91- 9022555588

Email: feedback@quiznosindia.com

Website: https://www.quiznosindia.com

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/QuiznosIndia


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