Ramakrishna Mission Nestled In Greens at Khar.

Ramakrishna Mission Nestled In Greens at Khar.

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rkmWhatever i have, He gave it to me; whatever i lost, He took away; whatever i don’t have, He never gave. Shri Ramakrishna.

Nestled amidst greens at a busy intersection in Khar, Ramakrishna Mission, is where you turn to when the worldly ways have stretched you mercilessly. You come here for succor, for peace.

Being a follower since childhood, Ramakrishna Mission Khar gives me just one more reason to run to it ever so frequently – it is home away from home for me. The morning puja, the evening Aarti, the Durga puja, the bhog prasad, the ‘charanamrit’, even the incense, everything is just how it always used to be. It is like going back to the basics, to the simplicity that is so elusive in our increasingly complicated lives.

It may be noted that Ramakrishna Mission stands for the ‘harmony of religions’. Its doors are open for all – there is absolutely no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste and creed. Further, Ramakrishna Mission is respected the world over for its service to the society. If you are looking to donate for the education of the poor or the empowerment of women, know that your contributions to the Mission fund will reach the desired target. You may also undertake any form of voluntary work for the Mission. Enquire at the office, and the monks will guide you accordingly.

The Mission has a bookshop that sells books on the Holy Gita, the Vedas and a wide range of children books across many Indian languages. Another attraction, the Mission’s grounds are filled with flowers throughout the year – a feat of sorts considering Mumbai’s notorious mealy bugs and centipedes. I often chat with the gardener’ to exchange notes on what to plant, which pesticide to use, etc. You will be amazed to find its mango trees laden with fruit from January onwards!

khar library

Finally, go there if you have to fight with God, argue with Him, beg, reason, sulk or simply be silent. He will be there listening to you. He will lighten your burdened soul, be your path-finder. And by the time you’d have walked out, you’d notice that you have been blessed with renewed vigour and determination; that you are ready again to go back to the rigours with a clearer vision and a clearer mind.