Resolve Conflict harmoniously & Build Life-Skills...with Aikido!

Resolve Conflict harmoniously & Build Life-Skills...with Aikido!


Many who grew up watching Bruce Lee movies, trained in martial arts which advocated punishing practices in body conditioning, to achieve a warrior-like status.

Today, the world needs no further aggression than it already has, but safe practice & diversion of aggression, towards a more harmonious society.

In 2006, an arts teacher at the American School of Mumbai, Brian Reverman, began teaching Aikido in Mumbai.


His passion, attracted diverse students – executives, collegians & security professionals including, most interestingly… the Director of Security of the American School himself DB Rai, who was then already a 5th Dan black belt in Gojyuryu Karate, under Shihan Pervez Mistry.

The hard-core karateka in DB Rai (now a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Aikido), questioned its practicality, only to discover that when Aikido techniques were well executed, even the gentle, could overcome the strong.

He was hooked & in 2010, when Brian Sensei left for China, DB Rai took charge as Chief Instructor.

Aikido in Mumbai Today

Thanks to DB Sensei’s wonderful international associations with the security & martial arts community, the dojo now attracts senior instructors from across the world, who visit & conduct training seminars for its students & also Japanese instructors from the Hombu dojo in Tokyo, who grade & certify its members.

What you can learn

Regardless of your age, gender or size, you can learn to first get out of the way of an aggressors force and then redirect that aggression with a variety of pinning, locking & throwing techniques.

Aikido does not train students to compete with others, rather… to be a better version of their own earlier selves.

Too soft for your liking? Have a look at some of the Aikido techniques Steven Segal uses quite effectively in his movies, which you too can learn.


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