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Meat Lovers in Mumbai, Here is paradise! Imbiss in Bandra!

For someone who craves for meat and more meat, there are very few options that offer excellent and reasonably priced beef and pork dishes in Mumbai. Until we discovered Imbiss this weekend.

What to order at Imbiss? The menu has Germany written all over it and we ordered Baby Back Spare Ribs (portion for two) which seemed to be on every table. Along with that a serving of Weiner Schnitzel (Vela fillet crumb fried). It was no surprise why the former was a specialty here — the pork was amazing – tender, succulent and just perfectly flavored with a smoky barbeque sauce. The serving is good and a total value for money.

The Schnitzel was good but a little stiff with too little meat and too much crumb. A little hard and not very succulent. Wish they had given some kind of dip to go with it. The restaurant doesn’t have liquor license and you have a choice of usual carbonated drinks on offer.

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Where is Imbiss and How is its ambience? Imbiss not an easy place to find. It is tucked away a little inside Hill Road in a road called Varoda Road.

A very small joint, Imbiss has about 4 tables in the ground floor, 2 at the mezzanine and a couple of small tables kept outside. We reached there Sunday afternoon and had to wait for more than 30 mins to get a table inside as it was ‘burning’ outside.

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Final word on Imbiss: The restaurant tag line says – ‘meat’ing point and it can’t describe it better. My daughter loved the stuff and commented that she wants to go back every 2 weeks!! Pretty strong opinion for a 6 year old! I, of course, seconded it!! It will be Danish Pork Chops or Smoked Pork next time.

Vegetarians please avoid this place as there is absolutely nothing for you here!