Restaurant Review — Jumjoji, A Parsi Diner.

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jumjojiI will start by mentioning the quotes they have used to do up the place — they find a place in the menu card and walls … a very interesting joint with fantastic quotes on the wall. Lively and fun, just like the Parsis themselves. Spent 10 minutes reading all of them and enjoyed it thoroughly. Would recommend the same to anyone going there – especially the one outside the entry door on the right and Boman Irani’s inside :-)

Now on the restaurant itself. Reached there around 12:30 and we were the only ones there. A cute place with waiters a little clueless about the procedures … We ordered sausages for my 4 yr old after being told “everything is spicy” and mutton cutlets for us. Excellent starters to say the least … especially the mutton cutlets that were deep fried but ‘melt in the mouth variety’. At 180 bucks, good VFM (value for money) though the serving was a little small.

For main course, we ordered Mutton Pulao and the standard ‘Patrani Machchi’ (Its a crime not to order Patrani Macchii in A Parsi restaurant!! Haha…). The pulao was excellent with decent serving and tasted very different. Had the same at Paradise, Colaba which was better to be honest. The Patrani Machi was a disappointment … tasted okay, too strong on the mint and ridiculously small-sized Pomfret. At 450 bucks, one would expect a decent-sized fish at least. One could avoid this dish …

We ordered ‘Laganu custard’ which is just fantastic at Paradise (sorry for the comparison again) but this was a sad cousin. Again, very small in size and just not soft and tasty…

A mixed experience … one star higher for the décor and ambience. Worth visiting once as there are not too many Parsi joints in Bandra area to my knowledge. Will surely stick to Paradise, Colaba for future Parsi food cravings, especially for the Laganu Custard.