The bustling Hill Road in Bandra spoils you for choice, doesn’t it? There during lunch hours yesterday, we choose Mamagoto.

Located where Nature’s Basket used to be, Mamagoto is not difficult to find. And it has a big bright yellow door to catch your attention.

Done up with mix and match furniture, oriental paintings, nice lighting and quirky décor items, the place is definitely interesting to the first-timer! And it is big too…..can accommodate quite a few diners!

For starters, we wanted something with Calamari since our daughter had been craving for Calamari for some time now. But no, it wasn’t available. We settled for the next best item then – prawns. Prawn Tempura – served with two different sauces, and served in a huge portions, we thoroughly enjoyed the prawns.

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For Main Course, we choose something called ‘A Thai Lost in Hunan’ – Spicy thai lamb in red curry and served on pad thai noodles – we were in a good mind to order another dish when the guy who was waiting on us advised us that the lamb would be enough. Sure, we asked him. For we were 3 of us. He nodded in confidence. Allright, we said. And were pleasantly surprised to see he was right. Damn right. We struggled to finish even the lamb bowl. The guy smiled his knowing smile when we thanked him.

Rs 1200 for the above 2 items without drinks and desserts. Maybe the huge portions justify the rate. For, in any other place, we’d have to order 2 main course dishes and would have probably the same amount of money.