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The last time we went to Pali Village Café was on Christmas Eve in 2011. And had loved the place. Excellent ambience and good food made it the perfect reason to cheer about. Went there last Saturday for lunch, with the hangover of that evening. And came out majorly disappointed. Find out why…

Ambience & Service at Pali Village Café in Pali Hill, Bandra: Theirs is old-fashioned, chic, classy yet informal setting. Which is what enamours everybody who comes here to dine. Well spread out, they service out of two floors – ground and mezzanine. As I said, old-world charm and chic is how the Pali Village Café is…you will like it as soon as you see it.

What shocked us beyond words is their poor service! No, they weren’t bad at all when we had last visited them. But this Saturday, when we reached the Café around 1pm for lunch, they didn’t give us the bread basket until 30 minutes had passed and we had reminded them about it. They didn’t even bother to come for the order before 20 minutes. It was only when I asked them if we should go some place else, that 3 from the team came to take our orders!!!! And mind you, the restaurant wasn’t even full. And there were enough staff to cater to the place. Or so it appeared. We had been to Smoke House Deli only the previous week and had been pampered by personalised service. Pali Hill Café was a far cry, although just a few houses ahead of Smoke House Deli in the same hill of Pali!

Food at Pali Village Café in Pali Hill, Bandra: Now that our enchantment with the place was cruelly washed out by the callous service of the staff, we decided to stick to just the food. No drinks. No desserts. There are enough and more in Bandra/Pali Hill who service with a smile. We decided to have our desserts from some other place.

And hence, only ordered – a plate of Lamb Kibbeh, Chicken & Scallion Risotto, and Red Wine Braised Lamb Shanks. The Lamb Kibbeh had machined-minced meat and lacked flavour and the lingering taste. The Risotto was very well made though. Lamb Shanks had the perfect juice although not very tender lamb. We like it nonetheless. The servings of their mains is very good and is easily more that what a person with an average person can eat.

Final Word on at Pali Village Café in Pali Hill, Bandra: It amazes me to think how a Café in Pali Hill can afford to be bad in service. Pali Hill/Bandra, after all, are the Mecca of food in Mumbai, and perhaps have one of the highest density of restaurants per person in not only Mumbai, but also India.

Hence, no forgiving bad service. Pali Village Café, you lost a client in us!