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6 o’clock. Friday evening. And we were stuck in BKC. But of course! What do you expect. Jayanta was waiting for us at the Four Seasons in Worli and we had planned for a dinner at someplace good in Lower Parel. When at 6.30, we were still at BKC, i asked him to come over to Bandra. Midway was better in this crazy traffic. Our driver too agreed!

And so we met just where the ONGC complexes start in Bandra, and here too, the same story — CRAZY traffic! Worse now, I was already hungry. So we took yet another prudent decision. Unnecessary to try to wade through this sea of cars; lets hop into Salt Water Cafe. It was just about 7.15 and we were sure, Bandraites were still taking their afternoon nap so that they could own Friday night. Hence, there wouldn’t be waiting at Salt Water Cafe. We should have been awarded that night for such AWESOME decisions. We got quick tables and ordered our drinks.

Brandy-Tody for me (I can’t seem to like anything else during the rains), Sula Resiling for Jayanta and Sweet Lime for our little one. And toasted to the evening — Weekend! Weekend! Weekend!

How is the Food at Salt Water Cafe? We have been here before. And had loved the food then too. This time round we ordered Pork Belly and 8-hr Slow Cooked Lamb. Our usual litmus test. And boy were they good!!! The Pork, Jayant said, was better than what he has had at Smoke House and Bungalow 9. The Lamb was really slow-cooked — must have been pieces from the area around the shanks, for they were so tender!! The sauce was the same in both the dishes. I felt that my dish could have done with a bit of Prune juice. Pity! Else, those tender lambs would have been ethereal! Desserts were one Tiramisu which we shared. The perfect taste!

How is the ambience at Salt Water Cafe? It was a mast Friday evening. Most of the patrons looked like they too hopped in from their offices nearby, loudly chattering over drinks. You could tell that they too were relieved it was Friday! Some nice music played in the background, but most of it was drowned by the chatter and laughter. It did feel so relaxing! Salt Water Cafe is classy yet informal which is what we like about the place. No Uncleji-Auntyji fretting loudly or their child making a mess. Good crowd is the next important thing after food and ambiance, what say?

One word about the staff — extremely vigilant, helped sweeten Ridi’s Sweet Lime, gave us an extra bread basket when requested, kept inquiring about the food. Greatly appreciate!

Go ahead! Plan a meal at Salt Water Cafe in Reclamation!

[box]Address of Salt Water Cafe:

87 Chapel Road,

Rose Minar Annexe,

Next to Mount Carmel Church,


Bandra West,

Mumbai [/box]