Review of 40 Shades of Grey (Hair) staged at St Andrews on 26th of March

Review of 40 Shades of Grey (Hair) staged at St Andrews on 26th of March

By Manju Sampat

If you want ninety minutes of unadulterated fun and laughter, do yourself a favour and go and see 40 Shades of Grey (Hair). It really is a Laugh a Minute kind of Show! Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vinayakar, ensure that you leave the theatre in a really happy state of mind.

In this stand-up cum Theatrical review, they lampoon the life and times of Indian men over the age of forty. In addition they hilariously enact many current events that the audience is bound to be familiar with. The night we saw this show, they did a really funny enactment of the recent incident where a Shiv Sena MLA, Gaikwad hit an Air India official with a slipper as he was not given a business class seat. Equally funny and enjoyable were the spoofs on Vijay Mallya and Arnab Goswami. Cyrus as Arnab had the audience in splits as he kept interrupting his panelists just like Arnab used to do. However, the best part was when Cyrus got a few people from the audience on stage to interact with. In particular there was this very sporting couple, who had the audience guffawing and chortling as they innocently answered Cyrus’s questions about their sex life.

Needless to say, these were loaded with innuendo and double meanings! Often Cyrus walked into the aisles to interact with the audience and these instances invariably had us giggling and guffawing and laughing out loud thanks to Cyrus’s quick wit and repartee.

Kunal imitating Mayawati and Vijay Malaya was hilarious. A really fun show indeed, thanks to Raell Padamsee’s ACE productions. Don’t miss it the next time 40 Shades of Grey (Hair) comes around!