Review of "Anything but Love" held at St. Andrews Auditorium on 23rd April

Review of "Anything but Love" held at St. Andrews Auditorium on 23rd April

Review by Manju Sampat

Raell Padamsee and her production house Ace Productions, keep pulling out one winner after another from their magic hat. This time it is their play Anything but Love which has been running to packed houses for 300 shows. Their show last evening at Andrews was no exception!

Anything but Love is an adult comedy replete with many hilarious situations and innuendos and a lot of cut throat humour. It is a story of two people, recently divorced, but they may still be very much in love, or so we are led to believe as the play unfolds.

Anish, aptly played by Samir Soni, was married to Seema, refreshingly enacted by Mandira Bedi. The two accidentally meet in a restaurant a few years after their divorce. Seema has recently married Shekhar, but after this meeting between Anish and Seema, matters go haywire and despite Anish’s playing the field and Seema’s marriage, the two end up with each other. For a while everything seems to be hunky dory as they embark on a European holiday together, but soon there are cracks in their renewed relationship. Does life give them a second chance? Between gay psychiatrists, numerous flings and second spouses will they choose to be with each other or will they let bygones be bygones?

This production has beautiful sets, especially Anish’s bedroom and the background music is most befitting and apt. Vikrant Pawar has done a great job of directing the play and putting it all together.