Review of biryani by air.

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leftcol-ad-2Friends and strangers have long enquired for the best Hyderabadi biryani in Mumbai, and frankly, we didn’t have any worthwhile name to recommend. Until we stumbled upon BiryanibyAir in Pali Hill, Bandra. They actually fly Biryani from Hyderabad!!! It couldn’t get better than this, could it? Choose from the famous Paradise’s Chicken Biryani or Mutton Biryani from Shah Ghouse. Soon they will include non-veg biryanis from Café Bahar and Shadab too and veg-biryani from Paradise. Haleem lovers, take heart. They get Haleem from New Empire Hotel in Mozamjahi Market.

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We LOVED the mutton biryani from Shah Ghouse – low on oil, just the right amount of Hyderabadi spices and the perfect flavour, it bowled us over. And although not huge Chicken Biryani lovers, we liked the Chicken Biryani from Paradise too for it wasn’t as hot and spicy as it used to be. Frankly, BiryaniByAir is the best thing that could have happened to Hyderabadi Biryani-lovers in Mumbai. For now, they get the Biryanis only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and home deliver from Pali Hill. We intend to pick up a packet every now and then when we are around that area over the weekends!